Tetra Solid White Bronze Fog Pin (stoker)


High end smoking accessories for the elevated connoisseur

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Tetra is a brand I really admire, creating high end smoking accessories for the elevated connoisseur. The Fog pin may seem small but has a myriad of uses. Once you start using it you will wonder how you survived without it. Did I mention it is beautiful? Crafted from white bronze by an award winning design team.


Meet the most useful (and beautiful) item in your kit  a multi-purpose packing and cleaning tool that’s meant to replace the toothpicks and bobby pins so often used to poke and prod before and after smoking.

Two sizes of tamper can pack a rolled smoke, while the other end tapers to a point to rearrange rolling paper when inserting a filter, or to easily remove packed-in material from the chamber of a pipe or vaporiser. So basically use it to perfect your rolling technique or use it to clean.

Designed by the Vancouver studio Knauf and Brown exclusively for Tetra, the tool’s sculptural form mimics that of a split twig, allowing it to rest securely on moving or sloped surfaces. So who are Knauf and Brown? A multifaceted award winning studio, working in a wide range of design categories, materials, and processes. Along with designing furniture, lighting, and accessories for international brands, Knauf and Brown design pieces outside the realm of mass production that allow for the overlap of art and design. These pieces are self produced by the duo, who make use of the best local crafts people and fabricators, and often employing their own craftsmanship and artisanal skill. Their work has been featured in many international publications such as Frame, Wallpaper, and Architectural Digest. Cool huh?

  • Solid white bronze 3″ x 0.67″ x 0.02″


X1 Seriously cool and classic Tetra Fog Pin

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