The Ben Smell Proof Combination Lock Carry Bag by Maxwell B Living


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So, here’s the story a man and his son enter a dispensary some purchasing occurs and they leave. Father and son then face a dilemma – how to get their goodies home discretely and in style. Brainstorming ensued and voila Maxwell B Living was born. This brand is all about creating odour-proof storage solutions for your home and when you travel. Designed primarily for men but I love the design and would happily carry one around.

Maxwell B Living has 3 different odour-control ranges on their site; home storage cases, No Probable Cause range of leather bags and the Eco Savvy range of faux-leather bags. Stella McCartney (one of my favourite designers) has been creating faux-leather shoes and bags for a while now and they are incredible and can stand up to any equivalent leather product. The Eco Savvy range by Maxwell B living follows the same principles creating stylish storage solutions made entirely out of faux leather. Each bag in the range is black on black in colour with lockable hardware.

The “Ben” is a padded smell proof pouch. The padding allows you to use this pouch to protect any glass/breakables that you place inside. Unlike the “Jake” bag, this pouch does not stand upright and will need to be placed on its side. . Maxwell B has included built in smell proof technology along with a secure combination lock. A stylish way to keep your gear safe, secure and discrete.

To use: To use: Each bag has its own combination lock number (written on the label). To unlock you will need to turn the combination wheels till the correct number is shown. Hold down the middle button to open.

To clean: I would not recommend ever washing your bag. A damp microfibre cloth should suffice to gently remove any stains.

Contains: x1 black faux-leather, odour-proof, stylish and lockable padded pouch.


  • Smell Proof
  • Lockable
  • 4.75″ x 7.25″
  • Vegan
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