Lift by Flytlab Black Herbal Vaporiser


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The Lift by Flytlab made from lightweight aluminium alloy is an ultra-compact, premium herbal vaporiser featuring a fully ceramic oven, magnetic flip lip and the signature Smart Heat System. The Smart Heat System utilises both convection and conduction to produce a true vaporisation of your herb. The ceramic oven is fairly large on this unit and if finely ground, can hold up to ½ a gram of dry herb. The unique magnetised mouthpiece can be pushed all the way in for cleanliness and protection (not all the way whilst dry herb sits within the chamber but can be used to tamp down the herb mid session) or can be popped out easily for use (shake the device in an upwards direction to pop it out). The retractable glass lip piece has a pyrex outer layer and a heat resistant thermoplastic core.

Flytlab has designed this unit so that the electronic components are isolated from the airpath resulting in a cleaner taste. 3 temperature settings are available for you to choose from. The Lift has been designed to be energy efficient and will heat continuously for a full 2 minutes then will shut down.

Blue Low               (180°C – 190°C)
Yellow Medium       (200°C – 210°C)
Green High              (215°C – 225°C)


The Flytlab Lift has a heat-up time of 60 seconds and if left unattended for less than a minute, the Lift will automatically shut off and begins to cool down to preserve the herbs and prevent the battery from draining. As with all dry herb units I also recommend using a grinder. This ensure consistency and an even burn. Further helping to preserve your herb!

As per all dry herb units I recommend a sterilisation be performed prior to first use to remove any leftover manufacturers debris. Power on with 3 clicks and choose the highest temperature (click once when green appears). Once selected allow the unit to heat up and power itself down. Repeat 2 more times. You are now clean and ready!

To use: Unscrew the mouthpiece and load your finely ground material into the chamber (pack tightly). Replace mouthpiece. 3 Clicks to power on. The unit will start cycling through the 3 heat options. Once the desired colour appears one click of the power button will start the heating up process (30-60 seconds) – the LED light will now flash red. Once the colour changes back to the selected range you are ready to go. It may take a few draws at the beginning to get the vapour flowing. Unit will auto shut off after 2 minutes. Power back on as needed. To adjust temperature during a session just press and hold the power button and the LED Light will flash in sequence. Release the power button once correct temperature colour is reached and the unit will start heating. Battery levels can also be checked by pressing and holding down the power button whilst the unit is off (Green – full battery, Yellow ½ battery, Red – low battery).

I recommend regular cleaning of all vaporisers to prolong the life of your device as well as to ensure enjoyable sessions. The Lift is easy to clean, simply unscrew the mouthpiece and use the included cleaning brush to sweep out everything within the heating chamber. Cleaning out the heating chamber after each session is highly recommended to further cut down on cleaning time. For stubborn gunk/resin a cotton bud (Higher Standards Pipe Stix are perfect as the cotton does not unravel) saturated with Isopropyl Alcohol will work wonders. Don’t forget to disinfect the mouthpiece too!

Contains – 1 rechargeable Lift, 2 glass lip pieces, cleaning tool, cleaning brush, silicone sleeve, FlytLab power plug, USB micro cable, instruction manual and sticker.

A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty is offered on all Flytlab products.