The Journey Pipe (J3)



The Journey Pipe has an interesting backstory switching between a variety of manufacturers and distributors before finally landing at their home under the management of Head Choice Inc. They seem to know what they are doing as the Journey Pipe is one of the most copied (counterfeit) pipes on the market.

TIP: To ensure that your pipe is not counterfeit look for the official Journey Pipe stamp on the underside of the lid (J Logo within a circle). This is important as your warranty is dependent on authenticity.


This is a quality piece of kit, made with the highest quality, non-toxic materials – zinc alloy, a heat resistant metal (will stay cool to the touch). By all accounts one of the highest quality metal pipes on the market as well as being one of my favourite designs, sleek and highly functional (sleeker in design than the Journey 2 Pipe). A virtually unbreakable pipe too. This is a beautiful pipe that will be admired whenever you pull it out (careful that it is not “borrowed”!).


The magic of this pipe lies in the patent-pending Filter Gap Technology. In a nutshell a screen is not required as the vertical gap at the base of the bowl eliminates clogging whilst providing you with a pure, cool (as in not hot) experience.

TIP: Designed not to clog but I would recommend cleaning it regularly as you may experience build up over long periods of time.

The magnetised lid is brilliant helping to prevent air leaks and spills, particularly if your pipe is used as storage unit for your herbal material whilst on a journey. It can swivel both left and right and can be easily removed to clean (almost too easy!).  The bowl of the Journey 3 is larger than its predecessor (Journey 2) with the same flat mouthpiece making inhaling a breeze. Lastly this pipe is so easily to use and hold, ergonomically designed to fit ever so easily in your hand. An all-round amazing pipe, right?


Slide open the magnetised lid and place your herbal material within the bowl. You can use your pipe straight away or use it as storage for your next use. Grab your lighter and you know what to do next! To extinguish, simply slide closed the lid.


Probably the easiest pipe you will ever clean. The Journey pipe comes apart into 3 piece and cleaning should take you mere minutes. To remove the lid simply slide across the lid and pull it off. You can then easily dismantle the body of the pipe as the lid is what keeps everything in place. You have 3 options for cleaning your pipe; use soap and warm water, Isopropyl Alcohol or Olive oil (works well to slide gunk right off). Thoroughly wipe down and dry your pipe before reassembling.


x1 super sleek Journey Pipe (J3) and a carry case.


  • Made entirely out of Zinc Alloy
  • Screen-less
  • Filter Gap Technology
  • Nontoxic
  • Heat resistant
  • Dual magnetic lid
  • Chip free
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 ½ish inches long (9 ½ish cms)

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**


Black, Silver

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