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The Martian Blunt Bubbler by MJ Arsenal


A blunt bubbler is a far more smoother and enjoyable smoking experience.

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This is one of the quirkiest little glass bubblers that I have ever seen. Cute but extremely functional just like its cousin – the Cupid Blunt Bubbler (yep, I sell that too!). Created by MJ Arsenal (makers of the most innovative bubblers in the industry), the Original Martian Blunt Bubbler has been crafted from sturdy borosilicate glass (hand blown) with a frosted port and is the perfect size for your palm. Blunt bubblers are designed (as the name implies) specifically for rolled items. Why would anyone need this extra step you ask?

The addition of water for filtration works to give you super smooth cooler hits (great if you tend to cough) as well as filtering out contaminants before inhalation takes place.

TIP: You can still use your Martian as a Cone Bubbler, I would just recommend a screen (Smojo!) or to not chop finely.


Some of you may notice that the Cupid Blunt Bubbler is a little more expensive that the Martian. 2 simple reasons, the Martian is smaller and does not have double-slit percolation. What the Martian does have is a carb hole located towards the top which allows for directional airflow creating a “tornado-like” effect within. The down stem is also an interesting design, it sits flush against the inner wall curving down along the wall. I guess this is how the tornado effect occurs with no obstacles within the way. Pretty clever, huh?

The mouthpiece is so sweet and little and works well to make the Martian spill resistant. The carb hole is ergonomically placed and is in the exact right place for your finger to reach whilst inhaling. And smack bang right in between the mouthpiece and the carb is a pendant loop so you can hang your Martian around your neck or off a hook, anywhere really.


This is the original and is much copied by inferior brands. The base of each Bubbler that MJ Arsenal makes has a custom logo for authentication. They are also protected by USPTO D820,513 (patented).

In a nutshell this quirky little Bubbler will win over your heart. Expect a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience whilst at home or on the road! Cleaner hits, maximum flavour and ultimate convenience all for your elevated enjoyment. A perfect gift for all your 420 friendly friends (or for yourself!).


Partially fill your Martian with water (approximately a third full). The colder the better.

  • Insert your pre-rolled into the port. I would recommend that you construct your internal filter to be as rigid and thick as you can. This will enable it to stay firmly in place.
  • Or roughly chop (or insert a whole little nugget) and place directly into the bowl. Ensure your material is course enough to not fall through the hole or use a screen.
  • Light your herb whilst inhaling from the slim mouthpiece. Use the carb as required (cover with your finger or release).


2 options, either dishwasher or by hand. If cleaning by hand, you have 2 further option. Either wash in warm soapy water with a pipe cleaner or soak in Isopropyl Alcohol and then use a pipe cleaner to abrade away any stubborn gunk. Rinse really well and allow to dry thoroughly before use.


x1 Martian Pre-rolled glass Bubbler.


  • Made from Heavy Duty Hand blown Borosilicate Glass
  • Portable Water Filtration
  • Frosted Port
  • Authentic MJ Arsenal product
  • Spill resistant design
  • Directional air flow (tornado effect)
  • Out of the way down stem
  • Fits most pre-rolled items
  • Ergonomic carb hole
  • Pendant hook
  • Can function as a one-hitter

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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