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An absolutely new brand for me and an absolutely new product too. Welcome Hitoki. Technology, innovation and wellness is their niche with a goal of reinventing conceptions of healthy herbal blend usage. They have rather grand plans and advocate for a healthy lifestyle without compromising on luxury. I have stated on many occasions that smoking will never be harmless but minimisation on all levels should constantly be addressed to advance the industry.

The Trident is their flagship product and along with associated accessories is all that they (currently) do. An aesthetically pleases device designed to provide a higher level of sophistication. There is a Patent Pending for the Trident. This device allows you to heat fresh herbal blends, dry blends or even aromatherapy (more below).

TIP: According to Hitoki, if you maintain The Trident you can expect over 5000 hours of use time.


The Trident is cylindrical in shape and feels quite heavy in the hand. A highly engineered piece of innovative technology made with functionality and safety in mind. The exterior is made from Aircraft grade Aluminium with an acrylic water chamber. There is a Silicone Hookah Hose provided.

Measuring: 24cms tall and 6.5cms across.

I will get more technical soon but is a nutshell this is a water pipe that ignites via laser. This concentrated beam of light will ignite your material. You are combusting your herbal material (not vaping) just as in a standard (non-electric) water pipe but with more precision. Using a laser is also a good way to conserve your herbal material allowing you to relight the same packed chamber multiple times before refilling. This is also seen as a healthier/safer option than using butane filled lighters. Flavour is also enhanced. Not sure if I can confirm this fact but agree on the butane.

Operating temperature: 32° – 158°F/0°- 70°C

The Trident can also be used to fragrance a room via aromatherapy. A wide range of herbs emit essential oils when heated (lavender, peppermint etc) providing a pleasing aroma and some level of medicinal effect. Place some fresh herbal material within the loading chamber and add a few drops of essential oils. Light this mixture (double tap for the full lighting duration). Unlock the interlocks to release the aroma into the room. Repeat as needed.

TIP: The lighting is instantaneous and very cool to watch, like a Sci-Fi movie.

There is a water chamber at the base just as in standard water pipes/bubblers but you will be charging the Trident (via USB-C) to provide power for the laser. 280+ draws are available per charge and a full charge takes approximately 1 hour 45 minutes in total (fast charge). Your herbal material is loaded into a removable (threaded) ceramic loading chamber. This chamber sits within the very centre requiring you to unthread the top portion to access. Beneath the bowl are 2 stems. The short one is the smoke intake and the longer one is the bubbler stem (percolator).

TIP: The water chamber is very easy to clean as you can access it easily. It can also be swapped out for a replacement.

Safety has been factored in as a laser beam can be harmful to your eyes and should never be viewed directly. The Trident is rated as FDA Standard Safe and has been designed to shield your eyes when the laser ignites. 2 safety features have been included to keep you safe.

  • Laser shield enabling you to watch the laser in action. A beam of light that shoots down. This is why the centre of the Trident is a distinct shade of red.
  • Unique Interlock System will only allow the laser to fire when all components are in place and properly assembled.

5 clicks on/off and 3 power setting allow you to choose the intensity you desire. Once on cycle through each by 3 presses of power button. Try them all to determine your preference keeping in mind different strains may require more/less power. Partway up the body you will see 3 holes, these are for air intake

Usage is fairly basic.

  • Unscrew the mid portion from the top to insert/fill the loading chamber.
  • Replacing the top portion (threaded) will engage the interlock system. Laser will not fire if this is not correct.
  • Choose a power level (Low, Medium, High – see tip below)
  • Tap power button to fire, laser will be visible within. Beam will stop once button released. OR, double tap the power button for a 9 second burst of laser.
  • Inhale via included hose
  • Exhale

TIP: Red is not the highest temperature (!) and is in fact the lowest temp with blue representing the highest option. Odd


  • X1 Hitoki Trident Device
  • X1 Silicone Hookah Hose
  • X1 Hose Connector
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • X1 High Output Adapter
  • X1 Loading Chamber
  • X1 Metal Compressor


  • Highly engineered innovation
  • Patent pending technology
  • Laser Beam ignition
  • Conserves herbal material
  • Aromatherapy option
  • Fast charging (USB-C)
  • Removable water chamber
  • Removable Ceramic Loading Chamber
  • Air Intake Holes
  • Safety Features
  • Laser Shield (eye protection)
  • 3 power potions
  • Hookah Hose provided

Black, Rose Gold

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