Tightpac King B Marker Shaped Storage Container


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I have sold Tightpac from the very start when my store’s shelves were a little emptier than they are today. Slow and steady was my mantra and I took my time researching various brands so I wouldn’t just import products that only interested me. Products that are highly functional, well built and easy on the eye will always be considered.

Tightpac is an all-American brand that specialises in all things storage and I’m not talking standard boxes, but the largest selection of vacuum sealed and odour proof containers in the world. A large call but one they stand behind. They invented and developed 2 unique patented vacuum sealing systems in 2005 and have gone for gold since then. All their containers are multi-purpose, fairly durable and can be used in all manner of climates. 


This is the largest offering (is taller than TP1/TP2) and is shaped to resemble a chunky marker/pen with an included (removable) cap. Completely opaque with a tough plastic body.  There is a clip/hook on the lid enabling you attach the marker to a pocket. Remove the lid and you will hear a very satisfying “pop” letting you know how tight the seal is. A great way to test this is place a lit pre-rolled creation within and reattach the lid. The flame within will extinguish naturally straight away.

TIP: Made from polypropylene, a very durable material that won’t crack or melt under pressure.

Designed to perfectly fit either 2 cigarettes or 2 pre-rolled creations of your choice. As this is the tallest marker it is the most appropriate for king sized (and larger) creations. Due to the airtight and smell proof nature once closed tightly any odours will stay locked within. The King B should fit almost any pocket, just remember it is quite tall. Throw it in your bag and no one will be the wiser.

Measuring: 15cms tall (with lid) and almost 2cms in diameter

There are 4 size options available in this range. All made from the same materials with similar functionality. Options on offer include

  • Tightpac TP1 –  the smallest marker on offer
  • Tightpac Bluntpac TP2 – next size up, double capacity marker but only slightly larger (wider) than above
  • Tightpac Partypac TP3 – A non marker design, a flat capsule design and great for parties
  • Tightpac King B – The largest of the marker style, taller than above and great for parties


x1 Tightac King B Storage Marker + Lid (Bronze, purple, grey, black, pink, brown, bronze, teal and dark blue are available at the moment let me know if you would rather one or the other and I will do my best)


  • Very Durable
  • Discrete – looks like a thick Marker pen
  • Size – 15cms x 2cms (almost)
  • Airtight
  • Smell Proof
  • Great for King Sized pre-rolled creations
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