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Tightpac Vitavac


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Vitavac the perfect travel companion. Small and compact enough to fit into your pocket or purse without crushing. The ultimate storage container for vitamins, homeopathic medicine, herbs and spices, prescription drugs, cosmetics, jewellery and so much more. Don’t be fooled though, the Vitavac looks deceptively simple and like many other containers out there but is completely different to anything that I have come across.


As the name implies, the Vitavac creates a partial vacuum seal keeping most goods fresh and edible for extended periods of time. Considered to be smell proof in most cases unless your contents are particularly odorous. This is due to the fact that the 2-way valve allows gases to slowly escape without letting oxygen in. So, if in fact you require odour protection it is recommended you use either a zip lock bag or other odour absorption product for peace of mind.

Moisture and Oxygen cannot enter into the Vitavac unless you remove the cap. Made from NSF and FDA approved PS#6 – a very strong plastic that is also tested for food safety. The Vitavac is very durable and will withstand (reasonable) handling.


Simply press the button located on the top lid and pull off the cap to open. When you need to close press the same button again whilst replacing the cap. With this motion the cap volume of air is eliminated, creating a vacuum seal. Technically speaking, there is no vacuum until the cap is pulled upwards without pressing the button.

You may find the top cap feels very loose. This is not a fault and loose caps work as well as tighter ones. Over time and usage, the cap will tighten.


  • x1 Tightpac Vitavac Base
  • x1 Tightpac Vitavac Lid with 2 way valve

**Black base with either a red, light blue, dark blue or black cap. Please send an email at time off order if you have a particular colour preference and we will try to accommodate!


  • Partial vacuum seal
  • Partial odour control
  • 2 way valve to remove air
  • Food safe plastic
  • Dimensions: 2-3/4 ” tall x 1- 5/8″diameter (7.6 cm x 4 cm)
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