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Tsubota Pearl Cosmos Cigarette Case Super King



Tsubota Pearl is one of those rare brands that has really stood the test of time. A Japanese brand specialising in metal and leather work that was founded over 60 years ago in 1952. From that day forward till today they have had only one goal in mind – to pay great attention to both originality and quality. All components are made within specialised workshops in and around the Asakusa area of Tokyo (AKA downtown Tokyo).

Hiroshi Tsubota was the man that started it all (Tsubota Seisakusho) subsequently choosing the name “Pearl” after the world’s first cultured pearl was invented in Japan. Hence the name Tsubota Pearl was born. Over the years a steady stream of incredibly beautiful products were crafted including lighters, cigarette cases, cigar cutters, business card holders, perfume roll-on atomizers, pill boxes, mirrors, optical cases, pens and money clips. Classic designs that never go out of style and are sold world wide.


Some of the most stylish and seriously cool cigarette/pre-rolleds/anything-really cases I have come across. On par quality wise with the high-end handbags that I admire within the windows of the world’s most coveted brands (currently have my eye on a beautiful handbag from YSL just in case you want to know!). All cases are from the Cosmos Leather Series of cases, each in a different colour/finish of high-end leather. Press the little side button and the case swings open to reveal a sleek metallic inner surface with an internal hinged lever to hold things in place. Slim in profile when closed, you can easily slip these cases in/out of any pocket/bag whilst being the coolest person in the room. A case for those of you who like to buy collectors items that get better with age.

TIP: These cases are the Super King Size (9 pieces for 100mm capacity)


Not even going to try to tell you how to use your case. It if fits then place it within is my only advice! Don’t overpack as the hinges may become damaged if struggling to close.


You will want to keep the outside of your case well maintained to allow the leather to age naturally. Cleaning leather inappropriately can cause it to lose some colour. My first piece of advice is to get a cloth that is in no way abrasive as you don’t want to scratch the leather. Dip the cloth into some warm soapy water and gently wipe down the exterior of the case. Don’t over saturate and allow to dry. A dedicated leather cleaning solution can also be used. As for the interior you can either use the same damp cloth as above or an alcohol wipe if any gunk has built up within.


x1 Leather Case Super King Sized


  • Material: Leather and Brass
  • Size: 103 x 78 x 12 mm
  • 9 Piece for 100mm Super King Size
  • Internal hinged lever
  • Made in Japan

Croco Brown Leather, Lizard Black Leather, Smooth Camel Leather

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