Tsubota Pearl Sigaretta Polished Metal Refillable Lighter



Tsubota Pearl is one of those rare brands that has really stood the test of time. A Japanese brand specialising in metal and leather work that was founded over 60 years ago in 1952. From that day forward till today they have had only one goal in mind – to pay great attention to both originality and quality. All components are made within specialised workshops in and around the Asakusa area of Tokyo (AKA downtown Tokyo).

Hiroshi Tsubota was the man that started it all (Tsubota Seisakusho) subsequently choosing the name “Pearl” after the world’s first cultured pearl was invented in Japan. Hence the name Tsubota Pearl was born. Over the years a steady stream of incredibly beautiful products were crafted including lighters, cigarette cases, cigar cutters, business card holders, perfume roll-on atomizers, pill boxes, mirrors, optical cases, pens and money clips. Classic designs that never go out of style and are sold world wide.


The Sigaretta is probably the slimmest lighter I have ever seen with a diameter equivalent to that of a drinking straw (much shorter though!). A metallic tube with a top cap, possibly one of the most elegant and simple lighters I have ever seen either. If minimalism is your thing then this is the lighter for you. A lighter that will get noticed for those that don’t compromise on style. The Sigaretta is easy to refill and uses standard lighter fluid (zippo style).


Probably don’t need to teach you how to use a lighter! Pull up the top cap and turn the flint wheel to ignite the wick. The sparks from the flint will ignite the wick providing the flame.

TIP: The flame does not self-extinguish so please ensure you extinguish after use. Closing the cap should suffice.


The filling port is access via the base. Use a fingernail or small screwdriver to remove the bottom screw. Whilst you are holding the lighter upside down use the included nozzle to slowly drizzle lighter fluid into the inlet, do not overfull! Filling should only take a few seconds and the white wadding within will turn a shade of grey. Please set your lighter aside for a few minutes for it to reach room temperature before igniting.

TIP: Wash hands thoroughly and wipe your lighter down thoroughly before use.

Over time you will need to replace the flint, best replaced when at 1/3rd of original size. To access you will need to remove the wheel unit. The wheel unit is the piece of protruding metal near the wick (has a red dot on it). Pull the unit straight up and out (don’t twist to remove). You can now unscrew and remove the flint cap from the bottom of the unit. Replace flint and reassemble.

TIP: When replacing the wheel unit remember not to twist, simply snap it straight down into place. You will hear a satisfactory click.

Wick should stand at around 4mm. Over time the wick will become shorter and black at this stage it is advisable to pull up on the wick (gently) with a pair of tweezers until a clean segment appears. Trim to 4mm.


x1 Super slim, insanely elegant Tsubota Pearl Sigaretta refillable stick lighter and x1 filling nozzle


  • Refillable lighter (lighter fluid)
  • Material: Brass, Steel and Cotton
  • Size: 85 x 9 x 9 mm
  • Made in Japan

NOTE: Your lighter will arrive empty requiring the purchase of lighter fluid to fill.


Black, Gold, Pink Gold, Silver

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