Uwell – Nunchaku 80W Vaporiser Kit Black/Gold


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The Nunchaku 80w Tank Kit is a true game changer in the vape world and is the first mod made by Uwell. A powerful vape pen that is not only regulated but also accepts only 1 rechargeable/replacement 18650 battery (not included). As you may already know, a lot of vape pens have an inbuilt battery that can only be charged vis USB and most generally cannot be used whilst charging. A removable/rechargeable battery (this one unscrews from base) gives you the ability to always have spares on hand with no down time. Saying that, you can still charge the unit via the included USB cable without removing the battery (though this is not recommended as to maintain your batteries capacity it is advisable to charge externally). The Nunchaku is also one of those rare units that allows you to vape whilst charging.

This gorgeous vape pen is light and portable and has a very opulent design (27.4mm in diameter and 94.5 mm in length). Made using Stainless Steel and glass. But good looks aren’t the only reason you should want this vape pen. Described as being “as powerful as a mech mod, safe as a box mod”. This regulated unit features a variable wattage option, temperature control as well as an OLED screen. The 0.96” screen will allow you to see various options such as output power and battery life indicator, with all options being easily adjustable.  The Nunchaku Tank Kit has a wattage range of between 5-80w, and provides the following modes; power mode, Ni Temp mode, SS power mode as well as Bypass mode. Easy to adjust via the +/- and fire buttons located above the screen.

Note: Wattage cannot be changed when in temperature control mode.

Included with the Nunchaku is the sub-ohm tank (510 threaded) – a 5ml capacity tank with a threaded open top fill system, making filling a breeze. The tank measures at 25.2mm in diameter. Another point of difference is the inclusion of a separate condensation holder. 3 airflow slots can be found at the base of the tank all being adjustable and with stoppers. A 510 removeable Delrin drip tip is provided. The tank also has a very unique look to it, a helix designed internal cage adding to the overall beauty of this baby!

The Nunchaku uses plug-pull coils. What does that mean? When you remove/replace coils in a large variety of vaporisers you need to unscrew then rescrew the coils. This does not usually cause any issue but over time the threading may become damaged or gunked up, making coil removal difficult. Plug-pull coils do not screw into place. As the name implies you simply pull out the old coil and plug in the new one, making the process extremely easy. Included coils – 0.25Ω (installed) and a 0.4Ω coil. Both are Clapton Kanthal coils. Clapton coils are usually made from Kanthal. Generally, it is all about the style of the coil winding. Claptons are more complex from a wiring point of view and have a wider area of wiring, resulting in more contact with e-liquids resulting in better vaporisation and more efficiency.

Included coils and wattage range:

0.25Ω Claptonized A1 Coil 40-50w
0.4Ω Claptonized A1 Coil 45-55w

Another pretty cool feature is that each coil has a visible line marking that lets you know when it is time to refill your tank with e-liquid. This feature stops you from ever getting close to an empty tank and damaging your coils.

To use: Priming your new coil is the first task for any new coil/vaporiser and this is no exception. Priming helps to protect your coil and yourself from dry hits or a burnt horrible taste. Unscrew the tank from the device (510 threaded) and unscrew the base of the tank from the glass to expose the coil within (use a paper towel if difficult to unscrew). Pull the coil out gently as it is held in place by O-Rings. You now need to saturate the cotton within the coil with a little e juice (few drops). Take care with priming as these coils are rather tall and it is recommended that you get inside the coil tube and wet the exposed cotton internally. Spin the coil around till you see the cotton getting wet. This ensures proper saturation.

Reassemble your tank and screw back onto your device (at this point it is good practice to check all sealing O rings to ensure no leakage!). Unscrew the top of the tank and dribble in a little more e-juice just to ensure complete saturation. Place your device to the side for a short while to allow all the e -juice to make its way through. Now time for the primer puffs – without touching the firing button take a few sharp short pulls from the tank. You may see air bubbles rising to the top of the tank. Your new coil is now ready for use. Don’t forget to charge!

5 clicks to turn on (and off). The display screen will now be one, displaying wattage, battery life and coil resistance. Voltage will only appear when actually firing the unit. 3 clicks on the fire button will take you into the menu. Press the + button to manoeuvre through the following options:

Power mode Wattage selection
Ni Temp mode Adjust temp for Nickel coils
SS Temp mode Adjust Temp for Stainless Steel coils
Bypass mode Allows battery to operate as mech mod
Factory reset Restore all original settings
Exit menu Exit all options


Once you reach the mode that you want, simply press the fire button to select. You can now use the +/- buttons to adjust. In temperature control you can lock in the resistance by press the + and – button together. To lock in your wattage settings press the + and fire button together, this will still allow you to vape. To lock the Nunchaku completely (no fire, no amendments) simply press the – and fire button together. Same to unlock.

Product Includes: One UWELL Nunchaku Mod, One UWELL Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank, One 0.25 ohm coil Pre-Installed, One 0.4 ohm Coil, One USB Cable, One Extra Glass Section, Spare Parts, User Manuals, Warning Card


 Nunchaku Mod Features:

5 to 80W

0.1 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Range

0.7 to 7V Output

Bypass Mode

Output Based on Resistance and Battery State

On and Off Capable

0.1 to 0.5 ohm Atomizer Ranger

Temperature Control Suite

Ni200 Nickel Support

Titanium Support

SS316 Support

TCR (M1, M2, M3)

0.1 to 1.0 ohm Atomizer Ranger

0.96 Inch OLED Screen

Temperature Mode and Output

Output Power

Atomizer Resistance

Battery Life Indicator

Voltage Indicator

Ergonomic Mechanical Pen Shape

Comfortable to Hold

Three Button Control

Over Sized Firing Button

Adjustment Buttons

Bottom Threaded Battery Bay

Accepts a Single High Amperage 18650 Batteries

Battery Sold Separately

USB Port

Charging and Update

Micro USB Charging Port

Stainless Steel 510 Threading

Gold Plated Contact

Low Voltage/Check Atomizer/Short/No Output/Battery Protection


Product Dimensions: 27mm by 94.5mm


Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

25.2mm Diameter

Threaded Top Fill System

5ml Tank Capacity

Nunchaku Coil Family

Plug-Pull Coils Configuration

0.25 ohm

– 40 to 50W

– Organic Cotton

0.4 ohm

– 45 to 55W

– Organic Cotton

Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow System

– 10mm by 2mm Each Airslot

– Fully Closeable

Condensation Holder

Stainless Steel and Glass Construction