Vibes x Santa Cruz 4-Piece Hemp Grinder



What happens when 2 powerhouses decide to join forces to create a product together? You usually end up with a collector’s item of sorts that ends up pushing the boundaries. Vibes Rolling Papers are some of the most beloved papers worldwide whilst Santa Cruz have been pumping out their extremely popular Shredders for a while now. 2 massive brands with nothing to prove except how cool they are!


A 4-piece grinder with a fresh twist. A grinder that is made almost entirely from hemp. A very cool feature in my opinion! I am holding one in my hand as I type, and it feels as tough as any of the plastic grinders available, but it feels way more high-end in its finish (matte-like).

The top lid has a high-gloss Vibes logo and is unthreaded (and unmagnetised) for easy swivelling/removal. Lift the lid and the teeth are on show. Specially designed teeth that provide a nice and even fluffy grind. These teeth are unique and have been patented. 26 teeth in total (top and bottom) that are of an interesting shape and are not as sharp as seen in other grinders. The sifting holes are also a little odd in their shape and are of the larger size enabling a fluffy (not fine) grind.

From this point onwards all parts are threaded to each other. Level 3 is your storage zone, a pretty decent size at that. But I never recommend grinding too much in advance due to potency loss, but to each their own! The screen at the base of the storage zone is built-in so you won’t be able to remove it. The holes in this screen are quite fine and will enable any kief to fall through to the lowest level, aptly known as the kief collection zone. The Santa Cruz Shredders Logo (raised) can be found upon the bottom lid letting you know have the real deal.


The majority of this grinder is made from hemp. Hemp is an incredible material and is being used more and more in a wide variety of industries, some are even using it to build their homes (hempcrete)! A proprietary bioplastic binder blend is used with this grinder. This blend primarily features hemp fibres and hemp cellulose leaving you with a durable device that is also biodegradable over time. You can use this grinder just as you would one made from any other material.

These grinders also boast a world-first Hemp Screen featuring sifting holes with sharp circular edges enabling you to get the most out of your herb.

Measuring: 5.5cm H x 6cm L x 5.5cm W (is a perfect circle)


  • x1 Almost all Hemp Vibes x Santa Cruz 4-piece Shredder


  • Original design
  • Collaboration between 2 massive 420 brands
  • Made almost entirely from durable Hemp
  • Medium size
  • 26 specially designed, patented teeth
  • First of its kind hemp screen
  • No Scraper included
  • Dimensions: 5.5cm H x 5.5cm W

Black, Blue, Red, White

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