Weed: Everything You Want to Know But are too stoned to ask by Michelle Lhooq


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I spend quite a bit of my time every day delving into the intricacies of cannabis with many of my customers. I really value unbiased information, both pros and cons are important to me as they should be to all medicinal users. Educating oneself on such a topic isn’t necessarily that easy at the current time hence the need for well researched books that cover many bases.


Ms Lhooq is a journalist/freelance reporter, and I could list all the publications but there are a lot so you will have to trust! She has been a music editor and hosts a party called Weed Rave whilst also covering global nightlife as a whole. Her interests lie in psychedelics and cannabis culture and her work is centred on themes of counterculture and political autonomy told through the critical lens of underground parties and street protests. She is a woman who not only talks the talk but walks the walk too!

Illustrations have been done by Thu Tran, an artist who creates comics, videos and games so expect some pretty cool pictures (over 100)


Think of this as an insider’s guide to the booming legal cannabis market sweeping over the globe. A wide range of topics is covered ranging from growing all the way to taking a weed vacation. The subjects are broad, educational and at times funny.

Not only does she draw from her own experiences, but she also includes many personal hints and tips from professional consumers with some of the following addressed:

  • Train your nose like a sommelier
  • Dabbing 101
  • Edibles that won’t cause panic attacks
  • Micro dosing for enhanced productivity
  • Stoned Sex (including weed lube)
  • Etiquette
  • Starting a weed company
  • Best/weirdest dispensaries
  • Plus many more eclectic topics

Think of this hardcover book as an encyclopedia of sorts. If an all-rounded approach to the magic plant that is cannabis is your goal then this is a fantastic book for you.


x1 Weed – Everything you Wanted to Know but are Always too Stoned to Ask hardcover book by Michelle Lhooq


  • Hard cover book
  • Over 100+ amazing illustrations
  • All rounded education
  • Cooking
  • Growing
  • Etiquette lessons
  • Train your nose
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