X Small C Vault Curing and Storage Device – Twist Top Lid


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C Vaults are considered to be the world’s smartest curing and storage containers – keeping your product fresher for longer. Constructed from premium food-grade stainless steel (so no rusting) with an industrial strength 3 latch lid to seal in the freshness. A ¼ inch silicone seal further ensures the vessel is air-tight and light-proof. C Vaults come in a variety of sizes and are designed to be stackable for space saving. Boveda 2-way Humidi-packs come included to control humidity levels.

  • X Small C Vault capacity: 4-8g
  • Boveda pack Included: 8g
  • Size: 90 x 40mm


The C Vault is basically a storage device that is designed to provide a constant level of set humidity to keep your product fresh day after day and is used by connoisseurs worldwide to cure their herbal material. Unlike general storage jars (glass etc), the C vault does not allow your material to adhere to the walls leading to waste. Ultraviolet light (day light) is also said to lower the potency of your product (some say up to 10%) when placed in clear containers. The C vault is also a great solution for long term storage of your precious herb, with no effect on quality and potency. In a nutshell, 3 factors work together to create the magic; lack of air, lack of light and the almighty power of Boveda humidity packs.

TIP: Very old and stale herbal material can be brought back to life with the C Vault. Flavour will be enhanced and smoothness improved.


The importance of curing your herb should not be understated. It is the key difference between having a smooth flavoursome and more potent experience as opposed to a ho-hum mediocre one. Curing is basically all about long term preservation of a given product (just like when people cure meats). Long term preservation is produced via the removal of bacteria. The goal of curing Cannabis (not that I am advocating for its illegal use of course!) is to preserve flavour and most importantly cannabinoids. Terpenes and cannabinoids will degrade/transform over time.

TIP: Low levels of flavour and harshness usually denote herb that has not be cured correctly.


Each and every C vault comes with a Boveda 2-way Humidity Pack. This slots into the special spot located on the underside of the lid. The 2-way Boveda Pack is rated at 62%, which is an ideal amount for maintaining the quality of most herbs. The 2-way function operates by either removing or replacing moisture as needed to maintain a level 62% RH – the perfect amount. These packs will need to be replaced over time as they are designed to last between 60-90 days.


You will first need to dry your herb (is a slow process and to tell when ready you should be able to snap the stems and not fold them. The bud will also be slightly crisp). Your Boveda Pack will struggle to remove moisture from overly wet product. Once dry, place your herbal material within (C Vaults come in a variety of sizes, make sure you are using the right one for your needs). Many people will “burp” their product whilst curing. This involves opening the container a few times per day to remove excess moisture. You should be burping less often as time continues. You can store your herb within your C vault safely for approximately 6 months, any longer any require some vacuum sealing of the product.

TIP: As a general rule it is said that your herb is cured and ready at the 2-4-week mark but for optimal curing (and best flavour and potency), I would recommend curing for 4-8 weeks.


x1 X Small Stainless Steel C vault – Twist Top Lid


  • 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Wide mouth for easy access
  • Can hold up to 4 -8g
  • Airtight
  • Thick Silicone around lid
  • Lightproof
  • Two-way Humidity Control
  • Multiple latch design
  • 62% Boveda 2-way Humidity Pack provided
  • No loss of moisture, oils, character, terpenes or flavour
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