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Yocan torch Portable e-nail


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The only battery powered Enail

The Yocan Torch has a unique dome-less portable battery powered Enail that takes all the danger out of dabbing. . The Yocan Torch is completely modular, meaning that you can screw on any battery, mod box or coil of your choice (510 threading). The battery is located on one side whilst the other side is the tank. NO torch is required with this unit making this a very easy alternative to traditional methods. This device can be used on its own or fitted onto a glass pipe for a smoother hit (fits both 14mm and 18mm male and female joints – adapters are available for different sized openings).

A dual quartz coil atomiser

Providing extra big and extra flavourful dabs akin to a desktop rig. An included splash guard prevents any product on the coil from going all over the place therefore less mess and wastage. The unit easily screws apart, and you can use a wide variety of coils with 510 threading. It also features an innovative airflow system – a spring loaded button located at the top of the tank unit that when pressed allows a large amount of air through to replace the vapour. This allows you to control the air/vape ratio thereby increasing or decreasing the vape cloud strength, resulting in purer hits.

A separate glass tube is provided and can be swapped out with the air-flow tube if your preference is to monitor your vaping levels. It allows you to easily see when the vapour start to come through ready for inhalation. The metal tube works well if you want to regulate the airflow.

The Yocan Battery

The battery unit (capacity 1100mAh) provides up to 45 rips per a full charge – easily lasting a full day of usage. 15 seconds of continuous use per puff. A USB Charger is provided (approximately 2 hours for full charge). If you are not near a charger the modular design of this unit means you can just screw in another 510-threaded battery or even a variable wattage mod box (for even more control) and continue your session!

How to use your Yocan torch enail

To load remove either the glass or metal tube and unscrew the coil cap to expose the Quartz dual coil. Using the included dab tool gently load your wax onto the coil (don’t overload). Replace the coil cap and slide on either the glass or metal tube. Place the entire Yocan Enail unit on top of your favourite glass water pipe. 5 pushes of power button will turn the unit on. To start inhaling you will need to press the button once – fires for about 15 seconds and then stops (light indicates firing). Press once to pause (light turns off). Then press once again when you are ready for the next hit. For big hits fire for the full 15 seconds or for those newcomers you can pause (press once) for a shorter duration. You still need to press the power button 5 times when ending your session to shut down battery.

Yocan torch Contains

  • Portable Enail
  • Quartz dual coil
  • Glass tube
  • Small dab tool
  • Micro USB Charger

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