Zeus Arsenal Armor Storage Case


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Zeus Arsenal is one serious vape company made up of German engineers (can’t beat German precision) with a mission to “provide cutting edge products for the connoisseurs of tomorrow”. I couldn’t have said it better myself as Zeus is considered to be an industry leader in regard to innovation. 3 herbal vaporisers (plus various accessories, like this case) are all that Zeus manufactures, keeping it simple so that they can focus on quality. My words don’t seem to do them justice so here is another (pretty cool) quote directly from Zeus Arsenal….

“Whether it is one of our high-performance vaporizers or our line of innovative accessories, Zeus Arsenal is committed to providing high quality products fit for the gods while maintaining accessibility for mere mortals. Just how close you want to fly to the sun is up to you.”

TIP: Zeus Arsenal offers a one-year warranty on this case.


Those of you reading this that already own a quality herbal vaporiser will understand the need for a durable and portable case for your device. Even if you do not travel with your unit, I recommend storing your vaporisers in as safe a manner as you can provide as they are precision engineered. It also does not hurt if your storage container can help to conceal odours. The Zeus Armor is one such storage device. Zeus chose a good name for this case as it has a pretty sturdy outer shell. The case is splash as well as shock resistant with a tight-seal zipper system to prevent smells from escaping. A handle and keyring attachment are also attached.

TIP: This case is on the larger side to enable you to store more than just your vaporiser.

Let’s open her up, shall we? The interior is divided into 2 separate areas by a flap with storage on either side. On one side the Armor features a custom foam lined zone designed to hold your grinder, herb and other accessories firmly in place. The other side of the flap is where I would place my actual vaporiser to keep it safe and unscratched. The flap also contains storage on either side of it – a great place for your charger, cleaning tools or battery sticks. In a nutshell, the Zeus Armor Case should be all you require to safely house everything you need for your herbal vaping sessions.

Measuring: 18cm x 12cm x 9.2cms

On a final note I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Zeus Armor Case can be used to house a large variety of vaporisers currently on the market.  Zeus Arc, Arizer Solo 2, Arizer Air, Arizer Argo, Crafty, Mighty, Firefly 2+, Pax 3, DaVinci IQ2, Utillian, Linx and so many many more will fit in this case.


X1 Zeus Arsenal Armor Storage Case (black in colour)


  • Precision, custom-cut hard foam interior
  • Splash and shock resistant
  • Tight seal to prevent smells from escaping
  • ZEUS bolt grinder custom slot
  • Extra space for herbs, accessories and charger
  • Light yet extremely durable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Can hold a wide variety of vaporisers within
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