Zeus Arsenal Bolt 2 4-Piece Grinder


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Zeus Arsenal is one serious vape company made up of German engineers (can’t beat German precision) with a mission to “provide cutting edge products for the connoisseurs of tomorrow”. I couldn’t have said it better myself as Zeus is considered to be an industry leader in regard to innovation. 3 herbal vaporisers (plus various accessories, like this grinder) are all that Zeus manufactures, keeping it simple so that they can focus on quality. My words don’t seem to do them justice so here is another (pretty cool) quote directly from Zeus Arsenal….

“Whether it is one of our high-performance vaporizers or our line of innovative accessories, Zeus Arsenal is committed to providing high quality products fit for the gods while maintaining accessibility for mere mortals. Just how close you want to fly to the sun is up to you.”

TIP: Zeus Arsenal offers a lifetime warranty on this grinder.


A good grinder will elevate your herbal game instantly. Not denigrating the humble tool that is the scissor, but a grinder will leave you with a consistent and fluffy texture to your herb. Ultimately resulting in an even and effective vape experience. This is a high-quality grinder just like everything that the Germans over at Zeus Arsenal create. Each grinder is made from Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminium (AGAA), which has been strengthened to resist environmental pressure. Sounds like it should be pretty heavy, but it feels quite light in your hand.

The Zeus Bolt 2 is their medium sized grinder. The teeth are diamond cut and they have been calibrated to grind your herb to the perfect fluffy consistency for vaping. There are 4 parts to this grinder (5 technically if you count the scoop). The top lid is magnetic for easy opening (and less cleaning) revealing the cutting teeth below. Unscrew and the next level is the screened storage area, which I find to be quite roomy. At the very base is the kief collection zone. Lastly, I love the provided scoop! Not a guitar pick that comes standard with most grinders on the market but an actual scoop. Loading up your vape will be a breeze with this scoop.

An added little bonus is the durable hard case that your grinder can be stored within when not in use. This case is airtight and will keep all odours within when your grinder is inside. Or you can use the case to store your herbal material pre/post grind.

Measuring: 5.5 cm diameter x 4.5 cm height


  • x1 4 Piece Medium sized Grinder with included scoop (black)
  • x1 Hard case (black)


  • 4 pieces (3 chambers)
  • 5 cm diameter x 4.5 cm height
  • Magnetic lid
  • Diamond cut teeth
  • Calibrated for vaporization
  • Made of anodized aircraft grade aluminum
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fits perfectly in Zeus Armor Case
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