Zeus Temple Moisture Extraction Herb Box


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Zeus Arsenal is one serious vape company made up of German engineers (can’t beat German precision) with a mission to “provide cutting edge products for the connoisseurs of tomorrow”. I couldn’t have said it better myself as Zeus is considered to be an industry leader in regard to innovation. 3 herbal vaporisers (plus various accessories, like this Box) are all that Zeus manufactures, keeping it simple so that they can focus on quality. My words don’t seem to do them justice so here is another (pretty cool) quote directly from Zeus Arsenal….

“Whether it is one of our high-performance vaporizers or our line of innovative accessories, Zeus Arsenal is committed to providing high quality products fit for the gods while maintaining accessibility for mere mortals. Just how close you want to fly to the sun is up to you.”

TIP: Zeus offers a limited 3-month warranty on this product. Please check their website for more detail.


Appropriate storage can make all the difference when one is trying to maintain the integrity of herbal medications. Overly wet herbal material is a nightmare to vape, and your experience will not be optimal. Thick, dense clouds require a certain level of “dryness”, particularly when vaping herbal material. Your vaporiser will also struggle with “wetter” herbal material and battery life will be diminished.

TIP: 62% is the ideal humidity level of well-cured (and maintained) herbal material. A Boveda Pack can help you maintain this level.

The Zeus Temple is a multi-level storage box designed to extract moisture out of the contents. A sleek and shiny box made from top level materials. When I say shiny, I am not exaggerating, 8 layers(!) of high gloss have been applied to the exterior. There is a pro and a con to this, pro as it ensures a scratch-proof finish and con because it is a fingerprint magnet! A provided cleaning cloth that masquerades as a bag will bring back the shine.

The actual box is made from 100% Grade A Mahogany Wood with an organic wood lining. 20 magnets work overtime within holding both the top and bottom lids in place. There are 3 parts to this box.

  • Top Lid – Fully lined with smooth wood + 5 magnets.
  • Middle Storage Zone – 10 magnets (top and bottom). Divides into 2 deep zones that can be modified in size by moving the wooden spacer within or remove it. There is a VERY fine screen at the base. This screen enables fine dust (kief) to pass through into the zone below. The finest/thinnest screen I have ever seen.
  • Bottom Lid/Pollen Collection Zone – 5 magnets. Lined in wood with a pure glass catcher (entire inner base lined in black glass) for your dust to settle upon. Glass makes it easier to clean, collect and your dust will not settle into wood grain.

Measuring: 17cms (L) x 10cms (W) x 5cms (H)


  • x1 Zeus Temple Moisture Extraction Storage Box – Shiny Black
  • x1 Soft cleaning cloth/carry bag


  • Official Zeus Product
  • 100% Mahogany Wood
  • 8 Layer Glass Finish Exterior
  • Herbal Storage Box
  • 20 strong magnets for easy open/close
  • Lid and base magnetised
  • Glass Lined Pollen (Kief) Collector
  • Large dividable storage zone
  • 3-month Limited Warranty from Zeus
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