DaVinci IQ Cleaning Brush


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If you love your Davinci Vaporiser as much as I love mine, then you will want to keep it in pristine condition, so it continues to deliver rich flavourful hits of your favourite herb. I always recommend thoroughly cleaning your vaporiser regularly with Isopropyl Alcohol, Higher Standards Pipe Stix (cotton buds on steroids!) and any appropriately sized brushes. Just like this brush in fact. 

This brush is a replacement for the one that comes included when you purchase your Davinci so if you have lost yours or just want some extras this is the right brush for you. This brush may look small but don’t be fooled – it is highly effective at removing even the most stubborn gunk transforming your Davinci effortlessly and fast. 

If you value your vaping experience don’t compromise and make sure you use the one and only Davinci Cleaning Brush for all your cleaning and maintenance needs. Not just for the Davinci though, this brush also plays a role in keeping my V4 Plush and Volcano vaporisers clean and in good working order! My one word of caution is to allow your vaporiser to cool down before using these brushes as high levels of heat may warp the bristles (I know this from experience!).

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