Giddy 3.3″ Glass Ashtray – Peach Series


Giddy is an of shoot of Ugly House, offering the same style of rolling trays under both names. And yes, I sell both! Very brave to use the word ugly in your brand name (in my opinion) and I would love to know the back story. Ugly House offers high quality accessories for your herbal needs such as grinders, trays, dab tools and stash jars. Everything they make is incredibly cute, colourful and highly functional.


Giddy makes ashtrays in a range of series with artworks based around a central theme. All their ashtrays are made from glass and there are certain ranges that also provide a silicone slip-on/off cover. This range is glass only. This is their Peach Series with 3 varieties on offer and each is a little cheeky focusing on peachy butts! Each ashtray is round, rather deep and is made from quite thick glass. There are 3 rests/indents around the perimeter to hold your wares. At the base of each ashtray, peeking through the glass you will see a unique design/art work setting these ashtrays apart.


  • 3.3″ (just over cms) diameter
  • x 1.4″ (just over 3cms) external depth
  • x1″ (2.5cms) internal depth


x1 Giddy 3.3″ Glass Ashtray – Peach Series


  • Size: 3.3″ x 1.4″
  • Full thick glass
  • 3 Indents to Hold Pre-Rolls
  • 3 Designs

Butts – White, I Like Big Butts – Orange, Peach Image

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