MilkyWay Glass – Circuit Board Wet Ash Catcher 90°


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Collectable art has always been something I am drawn to, and I tend to favour brands that incorporate art into their design. Milky Way is one such brand with over 10 years of experience in glass making techniques including their signature sandblasting. Highly detailed glassware is their speciality (experts in graphical design) and according to their site their goal is to elicit “feelings” from the user, crafting sensory experiences for like minded folks.

TIP: A heart and a brain are 2 of Milky Way’s signature logos. You will find one or both of these somewhere along many of the glass piece they craft.


As per usual with Milkyway Glass, I was instantly impressed with the levels of workmanship and the tactile nature of the body. This is a small piece but they have not compromised on the artwork. Ash catchers have a simple role, to separate the flower bowl from the down stem of a water pipe. Why? Ease of cleaning and extra filtration are 2 of the main reasons. Ash catchers are designed in such a way that gunk will mostly accumulate within helping to keep your actual water pipe cleaner for longer. This is a “wet” ash catcher allowing you to use it either wet or dry. Using it with water included will provide an extra level of filtration on top of the one provided by your water pipe. More filtration = a cleaner, cooler and more comfortable experience.

TIP: There is a shower head disc percolator within, providing extreme levels of filtration by breaking up your smoke into a multitude of bubbles.

2 angles are on offer, 45° or 90° and it is important to select he correct angle for an appropriate fit with your existing water pipe. Generally the angle of your down stem will determine which ash catcher to consider. Just keep in mind that the ash catcher requires clearance to fit. Regardless of angle chosen both will accept a 14mm male flower bowl (not provided). The bowl inserts into the very top linking directly to the perc below.


x1 – MilkyWay Glass – Circuitboard Wet Ash Catcher 90 degree


  • 90 degree Joint
  • Sandblasted Finish
  • Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Ash Catcher for Added Smoke Filtration
  • Shower head Disc Percolator
  • Circuit board Design
  • Compatible with 14mm Male Herb Slides/flower bowls
  • Compatible with 14mm Female Water Pipes

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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