OCB Virgin Unbleached Filters Perforated Booklets


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My quest to stock as many varieties of innovative rolling papers as I possibly can continues. Not sure when I will decide that I have enough, but that time is not now (and not soon)! As I have stated in many of my write ups, smoking is never ever going to be healthy for you but that does not mean that less damaging methods should not be sought. Not all rolling papers are created equal with some using substances such as bleach or chalk during processing.


Not just your average rolling paper brand, OCB has a very very long history of making paper (of many varieties) starting in 1822 (France)! It wasn’t till 1917 that their focus shifted more towards rolling papers. Don’t need to do the math for you as I am sure you can see the 100 years that have passed since then. One year later after much work the first packet of OCB rolling papers were officially released. Ever since that time OCB has flourished and developed a stellar worldwide reputation. The brand has reached cult status in Europe.

TIP: OCB stands for Odet Cascadec Bollorè. Odet for the Odet River where the first paper mill was situated. Cascadec was the location of their second paper mill and Bollorè is the name of the family that founded it all.


An indispensable product for those that take pride in their rolling. These all natural paper tips come in a small booklet and they have never been near bleach, hence the brown shade. There are 50 in total and they are perforated. These allow you to easily fold the paper before forming a tube.


x1 Official OCB Booklet of Virgin Unbleached Perforated Filter Tips – 50 pack


  • All-Natural Unbleached Perforated Filters
  • Organic and recycled paper
  • Brown in colour
  • 50 Cards
  • Dimension: 60 x 18mm
Dimensions 6 × 1.8 cm
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