Utillian 722 2-in-1 Herbal Vaporsier



Born in 2014, Utillian (Canadian brand) is synonymous with quality and reliability (not just my opinion), using only the highest-grade materials to create herbal vaporisers for those that like to take their vaping to a “higher” level! Their premise is simple with a goal of creating high precision units for all levels of vaping expertise whilst providing a pure, smooth and potent experience for all. I have not “gifted” myself a new vape for a while now, but I can assure you that the Utillian 722 will very soon find its way into my personal vape cupboard!

TIP: A one year limited warranty is provided by Utillian.


All the Herbal Vaporiser options from Utillian have a similar look (and feel) in my opinion, sturdy with a minimalistic feel. The 722 (an upgrade from the 721) reminds me visually of a couple other vapes on the market (Boundless CFX and slightly like the Crafty) with a large square body and a swiveling top (straw-like) mouthpiece. The body is anodized aluminium with a nice non-slip rubber coating. The internal rechargeable battery is rated at 2300mAh and should see you through 60 minutes of battery life before a recharge is required.

A very simple herbal (dry herb and wax) vaporiser to master as there is only button (no screen) for you to navigate. Utillian has provided 4 pre-set temperatures as well as a “boost mode” (more on that soon). The heating chamber is rather roomy (can hold up to 0.4g) and heats via convection, providing a pure and flavoursome experience. Speaking of flavour, the Utillian 722 has an isolated pathway for your vapour helping to keep it pure. Lastly, airflow has been improved from the previous model to provide smooth draws and rich flavour.

TIP: I am yet to come across a review of this vape that does not speak to the Utillian’s superior vapour quality.

Measurements: 55 x 30 x 110mm


The chamber is crafted from Stainless Steel and utilises convection as its heating style. For those unaware, convection is the heating of your herbal material via hot air passing over it (from below) as opposed to direct contact with a heated surface resulting in better airflow and even and consistent flavour/effect. The Utillian 722 will take approximately 30 seconds to reach your desired temperature and the following 4 temperatures are provided;

  • 180°C (Green)
  • 190°C (Blue)
  • 200°C (Purple)
  • 210°C (Red)
  • Boost Mode

An interesting added feature is “Boost Mode”, whereby your vape will heat up to 225°C. Why would you need this? I would use this mode either at the end of my dry herbal vaping session for that added boost of extraction and vapour or for when I am vaping concentrates. The Utillian 722 has a 5-minute auto shut off feature to keep you safe as well as to conserve battery life.

TIP: To easily convert your dry herb into one that that is compatible with concentrates you will need to use the included canister.


I like an extended mouthpiece, regardless of the brand/vape being used I tend to enjoy the session more when the vapour pathway is extended. The magnetically attached mouthpiece twists open/closed to expose the heating chamber below. Utillian have upgraded this mouthpiece from the last iteration (is wider) to enable more free flowing vapour and an easier draw. The “straw -like’ projecting mouthpiece can be folded away when not in use.


2300mAh capacity is pretty good for a herbal vape and should give up to 60 minutes of continuous use before a charge is needed (or approximately 6-8 sessions). A Micro USB Charger is provided in this kit and a full charge will take approximately 90 minutes.

TIP: The LED Light on the base of the unit will show you the battery status as you charge (green, orange or red).


  • X1 Utillian 722
  • X1 Wax Canister
  • X1 O Ring Screen Set
  • X1 Wax Tool
  • X1 Cleaning Brush
  • X1 Tweezers
  • X1 USB Cord
  • X1 User manual


  • Convection Heating Technology
  • ​4 pre-set temperatures
  • 30 second heat up time
  • Higher maximum temperature
  • Boost mode
  • Free flowing vapour
  • Simple one button usage
  • Isolated vapour path
  • Stainless Steel Heating Chamber
  • Magnetic swivel mouthpiece
  • Compatible with extracts
  • One-year warranty
  • Anodized Aluminium body
  • Chamber Capacity 0.4g
  • 2300mAh Battery Capacity
  • Approximately 60 minutes of usage
  • 5-minute auto shutoff

Black, Gun metal

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