11″ Bubbler with Sphere Perc and Multi Coloured Ribbon Accents – Blue


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Sadly, I can’t find the brand behind this glass piece, and I really tried! That’s not the saddest part though as customs went to town on my last delivery smashing a lot of my imported glass. This is one of the only survivors and I have place it on the shelves in store proudly!


I chose this piece due to the unique play on colour and I wanted to provide a quality bubbler at a moderate price. Beauty coupled with function. Starting from the bottom there is a rather wide and thick base, a pedestal to provide stability and to help keep this bubbler standing upright. The water chamber compartment is tall and slim, and you can add as much water as you desire (within limits of course.) A few practice inhalations before use should determine if your water level is excessive.

Measuring: 28cms tall and 10cms at its widest.

Sitting within the water chamber is a sphere percolator attached to the curved down stem. Basically a ball with 4 diffusion holes around the perimeter. The down stem (banger hanger style) is built in and will have to cleaned in position. Coloured ribbon accents sit upon this perc with stripes of red, orange, yellow and blue. Follow the down stem up and out of the bubbler to the connection port. A 14mm flower bowl will fit perfectly and deep bowl with a handle is provided with this bubbler. There are more ribbons of colour just beneath the insertion point for the flower bowl.

TIP: The teardrop zone just beneath the flower bowl is well positioned to act as a form of ash catcher, capturing gunk before it can enter into the water chamber. Ash catchers are used to lessen the amount of cleaning a water chamber requires.

The neck narrows dramatically at it’s base which will play a role in lowering chance of any splash back. You can also use this narrowing as an ice catch if you desire. The majority of colour accents are upon the neck, the same stripes as before along with blue glass portions. The mouthpiece is reinforced, widened and very flat.


  • x1 11″ Bubbler w/ Sphere Perc & Multi Coloured Ribbon Accents – Blue
  • x1 14mm Flower Bowl + handle (male)


  • 11”/28cms tall
  • Sphere Percolator
  • Thick and wide base for stability
  • Ash catcher zone beneath flower bowl
  • Diffusion perc system
  • Multi coloured ribbon accents
  • Narrowed neck
  • Blue glass in parts
  • Fixed “banger hanger’ down stem
  • 14mm male removable flower bowl
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