Alientech 4 Piece Ceramic Grinder + Glass Filter Tip


A very big welcome to Alientech, a proudly Australian brand all the way from the other side of the country in Western Australia. Thank you Courtney for the samples! I have been following this brand for a while now and I am so very excited to add it to the shelves. Apparently run by aliens with a goal to “provide high quality products to the community on planet Earth”.  All their products have been lab tested on planet Earth to ensure compliance with our atmosphere and energy systems. A very cool and practical brand with the vast majority of their range revolving around tools required for grinding, storage, odour control and preparation.


Grinders are a simple way to bring a little ease to your 420/medicinal regime. Grinders offer a consistently even grind, a big plus if you like to vape your herbal material. Many of my customers also use their grinders as a form of storage, not something I recommend for the long term though and you should only grind up your immediate needs if maintaining potency is important. This is a 4-piece grinder made from durable Spaceship (Aircraft) grade aluminium that has then been coated in a nano-ceramic layer. Why? To create a non-stick surface for an effortless process. The nano-ceramic coating helps to repel sticky resin, diminishing clogging whilst keeping the blades sharper for longer. Specifically designed to grind through sticky herbal material precisely and smoothly.

As a 4 piece grinder you get levels. The top 2 levels are a magentised top lid and a grinding plate. Both have diamond shaped teeth that meet to shred your herbal material. The shredded material falls down into level 3, the main storage zone. A fairly decent space with a fine mesh screen at its base leading to level 4, the kief collection zone. A small area for fine dust. The fine mesh screen is fixed in place and all levels except the top 2 join together via threading. A double ended tool is provided, one end a brush and the other a scoop of sorts. Use this tool to move herbal material about or to clean/brush out contents. Lastly, there is a nice little added surprise included with each grinder. I was quite surprised by the inclusion, not a common event. A glass filter tip is included. This tip is to be used when rolling in place of a standard cardboard filter. Very sweet of the aliens!


  • x1 AlienTech 4 Piece Ceramic Grinder
  • x1 Glass Filter Tip
  • x1 Travel Pouch
  • x1 Tool/brush


  • Australian brand
  • Aircraft grade Aluminium body
  • No Teflon or PTFE
  • Non-stick Nano Ceramic Coating
  • Designed to be effortless
  • Durable 4 piece grinder
  • Diamond shredding teeth
  • Kief screen
  • Double ended tool – scoop + brush
  • Magnetised top lid
  • Easy to use and clean



Dark Green, Black, Blue, White

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