Flower Mill Mini Edition 2.0″ Mill (Anodized Aluminium 3-piece)


Grinders have come a long way since I first opened my Herbal Vape store over 3 years ago and are now not only aesthetically beautiful as standard but are also highly engineered. No longer something to hide when not in use but to be displayed prominently. I have to give props to Flower Mill USA, the first brand that has reached out to me and offered their products free of charge for testing (thanks Aaron!). I have purchased every other product on my shelves to determine if I want to stock them. This is not an issue as I am very honest and only stand behind products that I would purchase for myself (no sponsored content from me, here or on instagram).

Flower Mill USA makes grinders and only grinders. A small, but impressive range for now. I didn’t need to do much testing before I knew that for sure I would stock them. Really well made and quite solid in the hand. Each part just screams quality. Low effort, high-capacity milling all in one compact body. This is a unique style of grinder with no teeth or blades (more soon) and their patent is pending. There are 2 styles of mills on offer: a premium edition and a standard one and now they have the mini version.


Aesthetics aside let’s delve into the features. Considered to be a 3-piece grinder with minimal threading on the lowest part (requires a ¼ turn to access material within). The Mini Edition is completely crafted from aircraft grade 6061 aluminium with an anodized finish.  Quick lesson. Anodizing is an electromagnetic process that converts a metal surface into a more durable and corrosion resistant one. An anodized finish is also considered to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Flower Mill have really impressed me with their design particularly the precision tolerances. This system creates a scenario whereby there is no metal-to-metal contact when you are milling.

The top lid is not magnetised and the rotor (milling plate) is attached to the underside of the lid (fixed in place unlike the Flower Mill Premium Edition). A flat plate with grooves running along the length. This innovative plate does not shred your herb but instead progressively crumbles the herb where it naturally would break apart. Results = a lighter and fluffier product. Your herb is then sifted down through the milling screen (course fluffy grind) and the best bit? No partially processed herbal product remains for you to pick out of the milling chamber!

TIP: As there are no teeth there is more room, and you can quickly and cleanly mill 2g at a time.

The storage chamber is threaded but not as I know threading to be. A ¼ turn is all that is required to completely remove the bottom and the same in reverse to close. It is quite cool. Not just easy to use but also easy to clean as almost all parts disassemble.


The most unique mill in my store requires a few tips. There is no need to break apart your herbal material and you can place whole buds within, but they must fit within the milling chamber. The chamber can be full but ensure that your herbal material isn’t squished in and that the lid fits back in place.

You do not have to use force when milling, the rotor is designed to give just the right amount of torque requiring minimal force from you. Allow the magnet to do the work for you as you twist back and forth.

Measuring: 4cms tall and 4.5cms in diameter (widest point)


  • X1 Mini Edition 2.0” Flower Mill with Ring (Anodized Aluminium)


  • Made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminium with an anodized finish.
  • Unique patent pending design
  • 3 piece
  • Effortless grinding
  • Easy to load
  • Easy cleaning
  • Extra fluffy herb
  • Whole buds can be inserted
  • Smaller capacity – 2g

Black, Blue, Purple

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