RAW Championship Double Cone Holder Ring – Sizes 6 + 9


In my experience few people have not heard of Raw, viewed by many as the best rolling papers out there. Pure, unbleached, chalk-less, undyed and additive free papers made in Spain (Alcoy region). Raw describes themselves as a lifestyle brand for those that wish to take their smoking to a new level hence the wide range of accessories that Raw also offers.


No doubt about it my store is incredibly eclectic with products that are all about function/design and some that focus on providing an experience that delights. Regardless all products must be of a high quality. These Raw Championship Rings fall into both categories, providing function with a delightful twist.

Firstly, these rings are heavyish and solid. A further function could be as a weapon! Each ring is designed to be worn as one would a normal ring and there is a large flat surface with a raised Raw logo upon the top. Punch someone (please don’t ) and you will leave an imprint of the logo on their skin.

Weight: 48.5 grams

Each ring has 2 tapered holes on one side and 1 mouthpiece hole on the other. Hence the name “Double Cone Holder Ring”! The premise is basic, and you insert 2 pre-rolled cones directly into the ring and then inhale via the other side. Your lips will not touch the actual paper and you will be inhaling double the amount at once. If you are sharing you can easily wipe down the ring between uses for extra hygiene.

2 Sizes are available – 6 and 9. I have measured the internal space to help guide you.

  • Size 6 = 17-18mm wide
  • Size 9 = 20mm wide


  • x1 Authentic Raw Championship Double Cone Holder Ring – Sizes 6 + 9
  • x1 Jewellery Gift Box


  • Double cone holder ring
  • Heavy-weight Championship ring
  • Official RAW product
  • Available in ring sizes 6 & 9

6, 9

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