Bee Glass and Silicone Storage Containers for Concentrates – 7.5ml


I watched the Block last night and it was a room reveal night. One thing they keep mentioning is the need for appropriate storage solutions for every aspect of life. In this case it was kitchen storage and I was quite jealous! Renovation shows aside, I agree with their sentiments and good storage can positively impact on your medicinal ritual. Helping to keep your herbal materials fresher and protected from the elements. If that same container can also be adorable isn’t that just as win/win?


These little storage jars are primarily for the storage of herbal extracts. Quick lesson. A herbal extract is very concentrated (ie: powerful) and can be created via a variety of methods. All methods result in a potent compound and each differ in consistency depending on extraction method used. Some are like candle wax whilst others can be like hard candy. My favourite is called “rosin” and this form resembles golden wax. Dabbing is the term used to describe the inhalation of concentrates/extracts. I always caution those that are new to dabbing.

Once you have an extract you will need to store it appropriately. All extracts share the same feature regardless of extraction method, each are quite sticky. Glass and/or silicone are the 2 materials of choice as each offers their own levels on non-stick functionality. Both are also quite easy to clean. These mini jar use both materials; glass base with a silicone lid. Your material will sit within the glass and 7.5ml is the capacity. The glass is quite durable. The lid is 100% food grade silicone and it fits over the glass like a tight sock, helping keep the contents within and fresh.

Measuring: 2cms tall and 2.5cms wide – glass portion.

We must talk bees! Each silicone lid is vividly coloured and there is a detailed and raised bee covering most of it. I’m quite a fan of bees so stocking these was always going to happen but now that they are here I am quite impressed with them on a whole. A simple storage solution with quirk factor.


x1 7.5ml Capacity Glass and Silicone Extracts Storage Jar (multiple colours)


  • Glass body
  • Food grade silicone lid
  • 7.5ml capacity
  • Tight fitting lid
  • Detailed bee artwork on each
  • Raised bee
  • Non stick jars



Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow

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