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BRNT Malua Concrete Storage Jar with Walnut Lid


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I am extremely excited about stocking BRNT (pronounced “burnt”) in my store. A Canadian brand that focuses equally on beauty and function. A youngish brand that emerged in 2017 with the goal of creating lust worthy products for 420 connoisseurs. It all began simply with a crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 to create a truly innovative waterpipe, that amount was quite easily surpassed in under less than a month. BRNT has a future view of creating 420 lifestyle products that are highly innovative, create a buzz and break the mold.

The Malua is BRNT’s version of a storage jar and just like everything they do it not only looks the business but is highly functional too. Made to resemble their Briq Ashtray with a solid marble-look concrete base and walnut lid. Both will sit nicely together in your home upping your street cred.

The Malua is crafted from 2 materials; a marble-look concrete base and a Walnut lid. Durable and quite weighty. Remove the lid and you will see that the Malua is divided in 2 allowing you to organise your wares. Each side is quite deep and will hold quite a decent amount of product. The walnut lid sits snug atop with an airtight seal to help you conceal any odour should there be any.

To use: Just as you would any other storage jar you already own!

To clean: Wipe down with a damp washcloth (inside and out) and allow to dry.

Contains: x1 Malua concrete storage jar and x1 Walnut Lid


  • Concrete base
  • Walnut lid
  • Airtight seal
  • Split storage system
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