CCELL Sandwave 510 Threaded Cartridge Vaporizer


CCELL has easily become on of the world’s largest vaporiser suppliers in quite a short period of time, creating a revolution with the world’s first ceramic heating component. A patent was sourced in 2016 and they have grown exponentially since. As they brand they also lead the industry in research and development and have state of the art labs and production facilities. Constant innovation and product safety is their main goal, pushing the industry to new heights.


To clarify this is a vaporiser/battery for 510 threaded cartridges. These cartridges contain medicinal marijuana oil and are currently available via prescription in Australia. An appropriate power source is required to enable you to vape your medication. The term “510” is a reference to the industry dominant sizing used to describe the connection point, a mathematical reference; 10 threads at 0.5mm intervals. Basically a 510 threaded cartridge will attach to a 510 threaded vaporiser/battery, with some “drop-in” styles requiring a magnet as well.

This is a “drop in” style of vaporiser. Magnets are used (x2 are provided) to affix the cartridge as opposed to threading it into place. The cartridge is mostly covered with a small viewing window allowing you to see the contents whilst providing some level of protection. The Sandwave is quite petite and there is a Silicone wave-like grip on the outer body for a tactile feel. The mouthpiece of your cartridge will extend out from the very top, how far out will depend on the cartridge used (0.5ml or 1ml). The diameter should be under 1cm to fit, which covers all but the most fattest cartridges.

Measuring: 61mm x 35mm x 14.8mm without a cartridge installed. Tiny and discrete.

Variable voltage is provided via switch  – Low (2.8V), Medium (3.2V) or High (3.6V), No buttons to push and draw activated. The 400mAh battery recharges via USB – C (provided) and a full charge should take around an hour.


  • x1 CCELL Sandwave Cartridge Battery
  • x1 USB-C Cable
  • x2 Magnetic Connectors
  • x1 Manual


  • Compatible with herbal oil
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • High Quality Circuit Board
  • LED Function Indicator
  • Slide switch for voltage change
  • Standard 510 Thread
  • Silicone wave grip outer body
  • Variable voltage – L (2.8V), M (3.2V) and H (3.6V)
  • Very small and easily pocketable
  • Auto Draw Activation
  • Will accept most standard cartridges up to 11mm in diameter and up to 1ml in capacity
  • Drop in Style with Magnetic Connectors (x2)
  • Build-in LED Indicator
  • USB – C Charging
  • 61mm x 35mm x 14.8mm

Note: Cartridge is not included


Lavender, Marine, Midnight

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