Rizo CCELL 510 Threaded Battery – Black


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CCELL has easily become on of the world’s largest vaporiser suppliers in quite a short period of time, creating a revolution with the world’s first ceramic heating component. A patent was sourced in 2016 and they have grown exponentially since. As they brand they also lead the industry in research and development and have state of the art labs and production facilities. Constant innovation and product safety is their main goal, pushing the industry to new heights.


Medicinal Marijuana oil cartridges are now available on prescription in Australia and for these you will require a 510 threaded battery stick of sorts. This is definitely one such battery.

The variety of 510 threaded batteries flooding the market is quite extraordinary, all manner of sizes, shapes and functions. Lately I have had many requests for the smallest (most discrete) options available. 510 batteries that fit within the palm and slip easily into any size pocket. I aim to please so my collection keeps growing. The Rizo is a battery suitable for discretion. A “drop-in” style of cartridge vaporiser. This style of vaporiser enables your cartridge to sit deep the device, keeping the cartridge safe from damage. Many drop in styles require a magnetic connector. This connector threads onto the end of your cartridge and then enable you to drop in the cartridge. The magnet keep the cartridge in place until you pull out the cartridge. x2 magnets are provided just in case you lose one.

TIP: Should hold almost all 510 threaded cartridges. I have measured the opening = 1cm. Thicker cartridges may not fit if they exceed 1cm in diameter.

Small and compact with minimal markings. The body is full metal casing, aluminium and zinc alloy to be exact. The base contains a silicone strip to protect the USB port and slide switch below. Fully rechargeable via USB-C Charger and a full charge will not take long (less than 2 hours). Please note that the cable is quite short. The Rizo provides you with 3 LED Lights to show you your current battery status.

The battery capacity is 300mAh, a decent amount which should last for a while before a recharge is required. This battery works via draw activation and has unique variable voltage.There is the option to shift between 2 settings high or low. The switch is on the base under the silicone strip.

  • High Setting 3.3V – Large clouds and maximum potency
  • Low Setting 2.8V – Flavour expression and minimal effect

An interesting feature included is haptic feedback upon inhalation. This basically means that each time you inhale the Rizo will gently vibrate creating quite a pleasant sensory experience. Lastly, there is no pre-heat function available.

TIP: All good cartridge batteries should have variable voltage in my humble opinion as various extraction methods can result in thicker or runnier oils.


  • x1 Rizo CCELL Battery – Black
  • x1 USB-C Cable
  • x2 Magnetic Connectors
  • x1 Manual
  • x1 Warranty Card


  • Standard 510 thread
  • 300mAh battery capacity
  • Very small and easily pocketable
  • Will accept most standard cartridges up to 11mm in diameter and up to 1ml in capacity
  • 62.7mm x 34mm x 14.8mm
  • Body: Aluminum and zinc alloy, PC
  • High Quality Circuit Board
  • Dual-heat slide switch
  • Adjustable Voltage Low or High: 2.8V- 3.3V
  • Draw (inhale) activated
  • Haptic feedback (vibrates with each inhale)
  • Drop in Style with Universal Magnetic Connectors (x2)
  • 3-bar LED indicator
  • Bottom Cover: Silicone
  • Size: 62.7H x 34W x 14.8D (mm)
  • Color: Black
  • Charging: Type-C Charger


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