Arizer Argo Frosted Glass 14mm Aroma Tube


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Arizer has been a trusted name in the Vape game for over a decade now. Coming out with desirable vaporisers one after the after. Each built using the highest-grade materials that Arizer can get their hands on (Glass, Ceramic and Stainless Steel). The Solo II is a new and improved version of the beloved original Solo. This is a great compact, lightweight and portable device for vaping on the go, and even comes with a carry case that clips onto your belt buckle.


Oh no!! You broke your glass aroma tube and now you are sad. I totally understand which is why I made sure to stock replacements. You are welcome!

This is the frosted glass version and is slightly different to the Argo Glass Aroma Tube. This tube enables you to have a little more fun with your Argo by allowing you to attach your vaporiser directly to your water pipe via this tube. 14mm male connection point.

TIP: For this tube to fit you will need to attach one end to the Argo vaporiser and the other end slips directly into a 14mm down stem.


x1 Authentic Arizer Argo Frosted glass replacement Aroma Tube – 14mm connection

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