RAW Rocket Booster Terpenes KIng Size Cone – Lemon Fuel


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In my experience few people have not heard of Raw, viewed by many as the best rolling papers out there. Pure, unbleached, chalk-less, undyed and additive free papers made in Spain (Alcoy region). Raw describes themselves as a lifestyle brand for those that wish to take their smoking to a new level hence the wide range of accessories that Raw also offers.


One single pre-rolled cone (King Size) housed within a reusable glass test tube. Each cone has been infused with strain specific terpenes as well as Cannabinoid hacktivators.

RAW Rocket Booster cones are Boosted with Cannabinoid hactivators (retrograde signaling messengers that help stimulate presynaptic CB1 receptors on neurons in the brain)! Basically herbs are incorporated that activate cannabinoid receptors within the brain, enhancing the effect. Herbal Camellia has been used in this case.


x1 Raw Rocket Booster Terpenes King Size Cone infused with Lemon Jack Terpenes and Herbal Hacktivators


  • Pre-rolled King Size Cone
  • Glass reusable test tube
  • Herbal hacktivator (Camellia)
  • Lemon Fuel Strain infused
  • CB1 Receptors activated

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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