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I am well known for my extensive researching, and I take pride in finding new brands/products, but I cannot take credit for this find. A valued customer of mine reached out to me via Instagram to introduce the Hamilton Devices brand (thanks Josh!) and it was love at first sight! I owe him big time.

Hamilton Devices are experts in all things CCELL. They are internationally recognised for their superior CCELL (Ceramic Heating) Technology Cartridges as well as their incredibly innovative oil and/or wax vaporisers.


Medicinal Marijuana oil cartridges are now available on prescription in Australia and for these you will require a 510 threaded battery stick of sorts. This is definitely one such battery, but I bet it doesn’t look like any other battery you own!

No hiding it, this battery is designed to resemble an old-fashioned pipe, Not exactly the one that Sherlock Holmes uses but along similar lines. Why would you want such a battery? For a few reasons. It could be because you are possibly a little eccentric but mainly because you desire discretion. Or maybe you are quite clumsy and break a lot of cartridges and would like a device that fully encases the cart. Whatever your reason this is a seriously cool oil cartridge vaporiser!

I am writing this with an opened PB1 Kit in front of me. The quality of this pipe is really impressive. Very solid in the hand with almost a matte leather-like finish. There is high quality circuitry within so its not just about looks. I am for sure taking it home. Oh, and the box is super fancy faux leather too!

TIP: Designed to stand on its own with a super flat base.

This pipe is very easy to use, and twists open into 2 portions. Let’s call one the battery chamber and the other the mouthpiece. One simple twist separates one from the other. The mouthpiece is quite ergonomic and angles out at the very top to rest easily upon your lips. The base provides power and holds the cartridge in place. There is a 510 threaded slot within the base, and you affix your cartridge by threading it on just as with many other battery sticks. Reassemble the pipe and you are ready to vape.

TIP: Should hold almost all 510 threaded cartridges.

There is quite a large button on the base that has a dual function. Swing the top cap to one side and voila, you have found the charging port (USB). This power button will also cycle you through the following voltages.

  • Blue (Low) – 3.3V
  • White (Medium) – 3.7V
  • Red (High) – 4.0V

TIP: This battery works via draw activation meaning that you do not have to press any buttons to initiate vaping/inhalation.

All good cartridge batteries should have variable voltage in my humble opinion as various extraction methods can result in thicker or runnier oils. I tend to recommend the lowest temperature/voltage possible for good vapour production/effect. The PB1 is fully rechargeable via USB-C Charger and a full charge should take around 1 hour.

Battery capacity: 500mAh


  • x1 PB1
  • x1 USB – C Cable
  • x1 Manual
  • x1 Warranty Card


  • Draw activated
  • High Quality Circuit Board
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Size: 79.77mm (H) x 32.55mm (W) x 112.3mm (L)
  • Color: Black
  • USB-C Charger
  • Power: Low = 3.3V, Medium = 3.7V, High = 4.0V

Tips directly from Hamilton Devices………

*Cartridge not included

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Any device dealing with oils has the potential to leak. Regular cleaning will keep the device at its optimal performance.

RECOMMENDED CLEANING: 1-2 times per cartridge change or depending on usage. Please use a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol

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