Zig Zag Rose Petal Pre-Rolled Cones 3pk


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Zig Zag does not mess about. Founded by 2 brothers in the late 1800’s and still going strong today, famous for their high quality and reliable papers made in France. Their history is wide and varied but their reputation really exploded with the support of rapper, Dr Dre. In 1982 his triple platinum album “The Chronic” was released and homage was paid to Zig Zag, including the cover art where Dre’s face is framed by the Zig Zag emblem. Quite the endorsement! They continue to innovate and expand their range and now I present to you their range of Rose Petal Pre-rolled cones.


Zig Zag has chosen to use a mixture of 2 ancient variety of rose species; Old garden and  modern roses. The farms they have partnered with have used years of natural and selective breeding to perpetually produce very strong and luscious petals.The result? Unique attributes that allow for high quality smokable petals. You can expect a slow and smooth burn along with natural aromas. A sophisticated smoking experience unlike any other.


These cones are made using actual rose petals. Zig Zag has partnered with a variety of family farms, all with a long history of growing healthy, flourishing rose buds.Each bud is handpicked for quality before being carefully moulded around an ultra-thin Zig-Zag Unbleached King Size Cone to give the perfect convenient shape for packing and burning.

TIP: The aroma you will experience comes directly from the natural notes of the fresh rose petals. Nothing artificial has been added.

3 King size pre-rolled cones are provided. They come housed in a protective plastic tube along with a packing tool. Zig Zag also wanted to preserve the freshness of the cones and they have nicely provided an Integra Boost Humidity Pack (55%). This product will maintain the appropriate humidity/moisture within the tube, keeping the cones fresh and aromatic.


x3 Zig Zag King Size Pre-rolled King Size Rose Petal Cones


  • Hand Crafted | Mother Nature Approved
  • Vegan | Non-GMO
  • Dye-Free | Chemical-Free
  • Protective tube
  • Naturally Slow Burning
  • King Size (109mm)
  • Humidity Controlled Packaging

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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