Compton Grinders 2.5″ Vault and Locking Storage Container



Everyone loves a good storage container, right? Particularly if what is being stored is of a sensitive nature. How much better then is storage that comes with a lock and key and not just any old container too, one that is made entirely from tough aircraft grade aluminium. What if that container also has rubber sealing o-rings to keep odours at bay, interested yet? Now you see why I wanted to stock this product!

So, who are Compton Grinders then? An all-American company that almost exclusively makes grinders with a goal of setting new standards within the industry. I will let them speak for themselves with the following quote taken directly from their website. “Compton Grinders are the epitome of precision and excellence. They are designed to uphold the most efficient grinding techniques, making them the ultimate grinding tools. With paramount quality and designed for the comfort of the user, our grinders provide a smooth and effortless experience with results that will assure satisfaction.” You may have already noticed that this is in fact not a grinder, Compton Grinders wanted to provide their customers with a top quality storage solution.

A big call, right?? But most that know me will tell you I am pretty hard to please (especially in the over saturated 420 lifestyle market) and I can quite easily attest to the high quality of this “vault”. Perfect storage for all my “medicinal” customers (with a prescription of course) who need to lock away their medicine from children/pets/nosy people.

TIP: The vault can be attached to the Compton Grinders Medium 4-piece Grinder (sold separately), with both working in tandem. Simply unscrew the Vault lid and screw on the grinder. Your ground up material will fall directly into the Vault. Remove the grinder and rescrew the top lid when done.

To use: Using the provided key, unlock the Vault and place your precious material within. Relock.

To Clean: A simple wipe down with a damp micro-fibre cloth on a regular basis will keep your Vault looking new. An alcohol wipe can be used to wipe up any gunk/resin build up.

Contains: x Compton Grinders Lockable storage “Vault” in black


Black, Blue, Grey

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