Endo Triple Double Hemp Wraps – Grape/White Grape


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Endo Hemp Wraps is the brand behind these papers, and Hemp Wraps is their specialty. Almost everything they produce is based around the humble (and magnificent) plant that is Hemp, Organic German Hemp to be precise. They produce wraps (you roll yourself) and cones (pre-rolled for you), many with flavours. They have a few different ranges with various flavour options in each range. These wraps are from their Triple Double Range of Hemp Wraps. The name confused me at first but its pretty easy – you get x2 of 3 different products in each pouch.

Capacity: Each cone or wrap should hold up to 2g


100% Organic German Hemp has been used to craft the following;

  • x2 Hemp Cones – Grape flavour
  • x2 Hemp Wraps – White Grape flavour

You will also receive x2 corn husk filters as well. The premise is to provide you with the ability to mix and match similar flavours whilst you either roll yourself or take the easy route with a pre-rolled cone. Each is full (king) sized and packaged for no dents or breaks. Corn husk filters provide an increased level of filtration and they can also be crushed/squashed to provide a cooler draw due to increased restriction within the filter tip.


  • x2 Endo 100% Hemp Pre-rolled Cones – Grape
  • x2 Endo 100% Hemp Wraps – White Grape
  • x2 Corn Husk Filters


  • 100% Organic German Hemp
  • GMO Free
  • Mixed pack – cones and wraps
  • Flavoured – Grape and White Grape
  • Corn husk filters
  • Squeeze to cool down the smoke
  • Smooth
  • Even burn
  • Unbleached
  • No tobacco content
  • 2g capacity
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