Healthy Rips Fury Edge SE Replacement O Ring and Screen Set 2 Pack


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I would like to extend a hearty welcome to Healthy Rips, I am excited that you are here! Known for creating high end herbal vaporisers at a fair price, these fine folks also share my desire to offer the healthiest experience that is possible. Their premise is simple, “to design and develop affordable devices that outperform the more expensive ones “. As the designers, the manufacturers as well as being the distributors they are able to offer a lower price point than comparable high-end herbal vaporisers.

Another reason to fall in love with this vape is the fact that there are accessories galore for both vapes that Healthy Rips manufacture allowing you to modify and maintain your vaporiser very easily. Each accessory/replacement part is made from the same high-quality materials as the rest of the vape.


A straight-out replacement part for when your original piece has lived a full and exciting life and retirement is imminent. This part sits at the very base of the removable mouthpiece portion of the Fury Edge and acts as a screen to prevent you inhaling any plant material. The screen is stainless steel and is surrounded by a thick silicone ring. Healthy Rips has been very kind and 2 are included per set.

TIP: Please ensure that you have the right parts for your vape, these parts are for the Fury Edge SE VERSION ONLY.

When should I replace it? I always recommend keeping your vape in as clean a condition as you possibly can. Over time gunk will get harder to deal with (increased draw resistance) which is exactly when I would replace it outright for pure and clean vapour.

TIP: When cleaning your mouthpiece I strongly recommend removing the O Ring/Screen if you are using Isopropyl Alcohol. Silicone/rubber require a gentler cleaning source for a long life.


X2 Healthy Rips Official Replacement Fury Edge SE O Rings and Screens – SE VERSION

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