Moose Labs MouthPeace Replacement Filters 10 pack


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Your Moose Labs MouthPeace will only work as well as the filter can function. For this reason, it is important that you replace your triple-layer activated carbon filter regularly so it can function optimally. I won’t lie, you are still going to impact on your lungs with your smoking habit, but I strongly recommend finding as many methods as you can to possible help lower the levels of damage that accumulate over time.


All the magic of the MouthPeace resides in the innocuous little triple-layer activated carbon filters. As you inhale your smoke/vapour will pass through the filter before inhalation. Activated carbon has anti-bacterial properties and will work hard to absorb and capture resins, contaminants and tar. The proof can be seen quite easily by watching the filters change colour and darken over usage.

TIP: Dependant on use obviously, but on average your activated carbon internal (replaceable) filter should last a week before needing to be replaced. If uncertain, check the colour.


I would strongly recommend giving your MouthPeace a good clean quite regularly, especially when you change your filter for the “freshest” experience.

  • You can wash your MouthPeace either by hand with warm soapy water or pop it in your dishwasher. Once again, I will stress that there should not be a filter in place when water is used. You need not touch the filter when it is time to remove it. You can pop it out easily by pushing it up and out with your fingers on the outside.
  • Once dry you can insert a filter into the wide opening. Insert all the way as far as allowed, ensuring it is straight and not on an angle.
  • Attach your smoking implement to narrow end.
  • Smoke/vape as you would normally by placing your mouth on the wide opening and inhaling.
  • Replace your filter regularly for optimal experience.

TIP: Please don’t clean the filter, just throw it away!


x10 Moose Labs MouthPeace Filters replacement pack


  • Easy to use
  • Triple-layer activated carbon filters
  • Sanitises
  • Captures resins, tar and other contaminants
  • No restriction on airflow
  • No restriction on flavour
  • Scientifically proven
  • Eco Friendly – made from biodegradable and recycled materials
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