Ispire Wand Tripod Stand


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A massive welcome to Ispire, an innovative brand that focuses on creating high quality options for vaping your herbal material. Generally, they focus on the extracts/concentrates market, and it all began with the ground-breaking Wand and their range of products has increased steadily from there. Heating your product in a unique method is their point of difference, using induction to create your vapour.


This is a stand for the Ispire Wand, think of it like a stand that professional photographers use just on a smaller scale! The Wand is a handheld induction heating device that does not require a stand to function, but it sure makes a difference if you do. The Wand is primarily a heating apparatus used when dabbing (heating concentrates/herbal extracts) and those that dab will agree with me that it can be a messy and hot affair. Hot tools and other accessories are also used during the process, requiring you to handle many objects.

The point of this Wand Tripod Stand is pretty obvious, offering you a hands-free option and leaving you with one less tool to focus on.  3 legs form the tripod base, and they can expand outwards and are bendable. A wand clamp sits upon the very top (screws in and out) and this is where you slot in your Ispire Wand. Your Wand will extend out horizontally ready for you to position it over the top of your banger ready for use.

TIP: The adaptable legs enable you to lower the height if necessary.  The maximum height of this stand = 19cms (base of the clamp).


X1 Official Ispire “The Wand” Tripod Stand


  • Accessory for the Ispire Wand
  • Hand free offered
  • 3 leg tripod – extendable/bendable
  • Legs covered in a soft foam material
  • Removable clamp
  • Height can be adjusted
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