Juicy Jays Pre-rolled cones Watermelon Jones Flavoured + Dank 7 Tip


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Confession time. I used to pride myself on my rolling technique, even entering competitions during my many visits to Amsterdam. It took me many attempts before I perfected it, but I was determined to roll the craziest shapes and sizes that I could. Wish I had a photo of the windmill I created using multiple papers with multiple offshoots. Anyway, enough about me! For those of you who aren’t slightly nuts like I am and just want professional-quality flavoured rolling rolling papers I present to you Juicy Jays, a premium brand of flavoured rolling papers! These papers are quite beloved and sell out in my Bondi Vape Store regularly.


A vast amount of my customers prefer to not roll their own creations either due to lack of confidence or time. Not a problem as I try to cater to each and every need and sell a wide array of pre-rolled cones for this very reason. These are my first cones from Juicy Jays with more flavours to follow soon. All my Juicy Jays papers sell insanely well in store as I am sure these cones will.

Get ready for a flavour explosion people. One of the most popular flavoured rolling papers on the market today. Using a proprietary triple dipped flavour system, these luxury rolling papers offer a fully flavoured smoking experience from start to finish. Juicy Jays pre-rolled cones are fully flavoured and not just at the gum strip like some other brands!

These papers are made from pure hemp, soy-based ink (with a picture of the flavouring used) and sealed with sugar gum.

TIP: 2 cones in a reusable tube are provided


A Dank 7 filter tip is used within these cones. What is a Dank 7 Tip you ask? Good question. A wooden (bamboo) tip that has been dipped in exactly the same flavour used to create the rolling papers. Not just dipped though, the tip is left in the solution for 7 days (hence the name) to soak up every last bit of flavour. A little nuts, but cool huh?

TIP: Another little bonus, you can reuse the tip so make sure you don’t throw it out after both cones are finished with.


  • X2 Juicy Jay Pre-rolled Cones Watermelon Jones Flavoured
  • X1 Dank 7 Filter
  • X1 Storage Tube (screw on lid)

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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