King Palm Spiral Glass Tips


Won’t say too much about King Palm as I have already raved on about them enough. What I will say is that I did not expect them to be as insanely popular as they have been. I keep selling out of the King Palm range of pre-rolled papers and the reviews are always positive. King Palm has revolutionised rolling elevating the humble palm leaf to cult status. This is a brand that doesn’t seem to take a break with new products appearing at a steady rate, all still revolving around rolling papers but now with a focus on materials other than palm leaves. I now present to you their Spiral Glass Filter Tips.


Rolling requires a filter tip, you could get away with not having one but I wouldn’t recommend it. A well formed/placed filter helps to keep your lips free from germs or from getting burnt whilst diminishing the possibility of inhaling plant materials. Win all around. Filters come in all manner of material, sizes and shapes. Some way more functional than others. King Palm is quite well known for its unique range of filter options; simple cardboard, corn husk, squeeze to pop terpene-filled and now glass. Glass filter tips stand out from the crowd offering extra functionality. A luxurious way to roll, classing up your pre-rolled creations.

Measuring: 3cms long and just under 1cms in diameter. A slim style filter.

Made from durable and heat resistant glass, these tips should last quite a while. Just remember to clean them regularly. Each tip comes in its own little reusable tube and I would use this tube to soak the filter when cleaning. If you look within these filters you will see a 2 spirals within. Smoke will pass through these spirals, moving in a circular motion up towards your lips. Why Spiral? Simple, filtration will be enhanced. The internal spiral technically elongates the pathway that smoke travels through, and the more surface traveled the more cooling can occur. Tar, ash and other unwanted particles are reduced.


x1 King Palm Spiral Glass Tips – Various Colours


  • King Palm Official Glass Filter Tips
  • Resealable tube
  • Durable
  • Cleanable
  • Hygenic
  • No more burnt lips
  • Spiral interior
  • Increase filtration
  • Easy to use
  • 3cms long
  • slimline

Clear, Pink, Purple

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