Linx Vapor Eden Glass Bubbler (in-between) Attachment


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Linx is fast becoming one of my go-to herbal vape brands, I just really love everything they do with a strong focus on aesthetics and high functionality. Every vape they produce is insanely beautiful and meticulously crafted (Gaia, Ares, Hypnos etc). They say you shouldn’t judge a book (or a vape) by its cover and you can rest assured that the inner workings of all Linx vaporisers are of the highest quality and are made using the safest materials they can source. Clean and pure flavour can be expected with all Linx Vaporisers.


This is a very specific attachment that fits only one vape and has one function. This in-between attachment piece works on the Linx Eden Dry Heb Vaporiser. This attachment is not needed for standard usage with your Eden vaporiser. It is needed if you are wanting to use the Linx Glass Bubbler along with the Eden vaporiser. The glass bubbler is an accessory that allows you to pass your vapour through water before inhalation providing extra smoothness and comfort.

TIP: Just to reiterate this attachment is ONLY needed for the Linx Eden Herbal Vaporiser and ONLY when you want to attach a Linx water bubbler attachment.  


x1 Linx Vapor Eden Glass Bubbler in-between attachment


  • Authentic Linx Vapor attachement
  • Required for Linx Eden bubbler usage
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