Pulsar Vanish Replacement Filter


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I have stocked Pulsar for a while now with a variety of herbal vaporisers, one hitters and dab rigs on offer in my Bondi Vape Store. They appear to have been around for quite some time now and house over 1000 different products at their facility in North Carolina. Consummate vapers and smokers, they love to innovate and create products that exceed expectations.


The Pulsar Vanish Air Filter is a hand held device used to keep air cleaner, exhaled air at least. Within each Vanish device is a removable filter filled with carbon, this layer of carbon absorbs the smoke exhaled into it. Depending on usage there will come a day when you will need to replace the filter as the carbon layer within will be exhausted and can absorb no more. Replacing the filter is very easy, simply unscew the mouthpiece and gently tap the filter out before slipping in a fresh one. This is a replacement filter that will only fir with the Pulsar Vanish Air Filter.


x1 Pulsar Vanish Replacement Filter


  • Personal air filter
  • Odour absorbing carbon filter
  • Eliminates odors from exhaling smoke
  • Durable plastic housing
  • Revolver cylinder design
  • Replaceable carbon filter
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