Resolution Double Ended Cotton Swabs (Pack of 110)


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I am a big proponent of keeping your glassware/vapes/accessories as clean as you can possibly get them. Not only because you deserve an optimal experience with each and every use, but it is also a way to keep yourself at your most healthiest (as healthy as you can be at least). Resolution (the brand) seem to agree with me and have set a goal of “destigmatizing an entire culture with cleanliness”. Founded in 2015 by industry pioneers with the mission of creating superior and innovative cleaning products for glass experts.


The 3 cleaning products that I recommend to most of my customers are Isopropyl Alcohol (90% and above please), pipe cleaners (such handly little things) and high-quality cotton swabs. Of course, there are many other amazing products to keep your gear clean too. Cotton swabs are pretty indispensable regardless of the cleaning solutions used.

So why not just use the standard cotton swabs that you probably already have in your bathroom cupboard? A couple of reasons. The first is all about quality. “Cheaper” cotton swabs tend to unravel and leave little fibres behind. This may not be such an issue when using the swabs on your body but not really desirable when using them to clean your glass pieces/vape. The fibres can be very minute in size that you may not see them, but I guarantee you will taste it, particularly if you are using a herbal vaporiser!

Second reason why these swabs are superior to the standard variety is the attention to detail. One end narrows to a fine point enabling you to get into the smallest of corners whilst the other end is smooth and rounded to help mop up your gunk. Resolution have also pumped up the amount of cotton and each end is extra thick. Each stick is made from wood and not plastic.

TIP: I always keep these swabs handy when using my dab rig to keep the banger clean in between uses. After allowing the banger to cool slightly I apply a damp (just water) swab to the inside of the banger and mop up any gunk. You will still need to periodically deep clean your banger, but this method helps keep that process to a minimum.


X1 Box of extra thick, double ended Resolution Cotton Swabs – 110 swabs per pack


  • Pointed side for getting into the edges
  • Round side mopping
  • Extra large/thick cotton heads
  • Great for bowls/cones/vaporisers
  • Great for dab rigs/bangers
  • 110 cotton swabs per pack
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