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I have had Session Goods on my shelf for a little while now and they have quickly become a part of my “must have” brands lining my wall! A youngish brand founded in San Francisco. All their designs are elegant and simplistic in their design, and each come with silicone accessories to keep your glass safe. If minimalism is your thing then Session Goods is a brand you should explore.


Another simple creation from Session Goods, pretty much as basic as a pipe can get. Made from super-tough Borosilicate Glass that has been tinted black. Smooth and sleek black borosilicate glass has been used. Borosilicate glass is the gold standard for heat resistant and durable glass pipes/bongs. One seamless piece of glass.

You can still see within, but the tint adds to the overall design. A rather small pipe in size as well as function. Size wise it fits completely within the palm of my average-sized female hands. The tube tapers and is slightly wider at one end than the other with the thinner end acting as the mouthpiece.

Measuring: Just a smidge under 8cms in length.

Look with in and you will see a pinch point. This is the narrowing of the inner bowl crafted specifically so you don’t inhale any plant material. As this is a One Hitter Style of pipe the bowl is on the smaller side. Just like the name implies, One Hitters are all about quick and short sessions hence the smaller bowl sizes.

As this is just a glass tube Session Goods wanted to include an accessory to help keep you safe, so they included their signature silicone component in the form of a tab. This tab wraps itself around the glass with a little handle for your fingers. You can also attach a chain/necklace to the tab for hands-free transportation.


An interesting anomaly, one of the most basic pipes that I sell yet one of the hardest working ones. The clever folks over at Session Goods have crafted this pipe to enable a variety of uses.

  • As a simple One Hitter. Load, light, inhale and then clean.
  • As an elongated pathway for your pre-rolled creations (joints etc). A longer pathway = less harshness and a smoother experience.
  • Insert the One Hitter directly into a down stem of a water pipe, specifically the Session Water Pipe which has a 10mm connection point. Why take this step? You may require the filtration and extra smoothness that water provides.

TIP: If you use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean your glass piece then I recommend that you do not use it to clean the silicone sleeve as this will degrade the material over time. Warm soapy warm should suffice.


  • X1 Session Goods Black Borosilicate Glass One Hitter Pipe
  • X1 Coloured Silicone Tab (Charcoal)


  • Size: Almost 8cms
  • Use With: Dry Herb
  • Compact size
  • Black tinted borosilicate glass tube
  • Coloured silicone tab sleeve for protection and mobility
  • Glass Thickness: 3mm down to 2mm
  • Connection size: 10mm
  • Designed to fit the Session Bong
  • Will hold most pre-rolled joint cones
  • Multi usage
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