Tokes Dual Use Vaporiser Glass Adapter


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The SOC Tokes is a dual use Herbal Vaporiser that enables the usage of either wax (herbal concentrates) or e liquids. A unique form of vaporiser. This handheld vape can also be attached directly to a water pipe. Why? Adding water to the mix will add an extra level of comfort for those that require it. An adapter is required to affix the vape.


This is a simple glass adapter, each end is 14mm in size (male to male). One end attaches directly to the base of the Tokes vaporiser and the other slips directly into the down stem of a water pipe. This end is frosted to enable an airtight fit when connected to the down stem.

Male to male connection – For this adapter to fit your water pipe your down stem port will need to be female and sized to accept 14mm flower bowls. This adapter sits in position just as your flower bowl would.

MEASURING: 3.5cms total length


x1 Official SOC Tokes 14mm, male to male glass adapter accessory


  • 100% Durable Glass
  • Connects to most water pipes
  • Dual ended 14mm connection points
  • Male to male


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