All-in-one Bowl and Down Stem – 14mm male


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This is an unbranded product, I have no idea who actually made it. I chose it to provide my customers with a basic option for an all-in-one down stem and flower bowl combination. A simple and no-fuss accessory.


Generally down stems and flower bowls are 2 separate parts of a water pipe. Both sit snugly together one inside the other, hence the need for gender descriptions. An all-in-one setup is a little unusual but can be handy for certain users. This entire piece is made from glass with a slim tube tube, a frosted insertion point and a flared flower bowl at the very top.

Please note that the 14mm size refers to the insertion of the down stem and is not related to the actual bowl size. A water pipe that will accept a 14mm down stem is usually on the smaller side as most generally accept an 18mm option. The gender of this stem is male. I would also ensure that your water chamber can accept a 7cms long protruding tube.


  • Total length top to bottom: 12cms
  • Length of down stem tube total: around 9cms
  • Length of down stem minus the frosted port: 7cms
  • Total height of flower bowl: 2.5cms
  • Diameter at top of bowl: Just over 2.5cms


x1 All-in-one Bowl and Down Stem – 14mm male


  • All-in-one design
  • 14mm male connection point
  • Frosted port for airtight fit
  • Large capacity bowl
  • Funnel Style bowl
  • Suitable for smaller sized water pipes
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