Arizer XQ2/Extreme Q Balloon Connector Pack


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Arizer has been a trusted name in the Vape game for over a decade now. Coming out with desirable vaporisers one after the after. Each built using the highest-grade materials that Arizer can get their hands on (Glass, Ceramic, Anodized Aluminium and Stainless Steel). Both the XQ2 and the Extreme Q dry herbal vaporisers are desktop units that use balloons/whips for inhalations with a multitude of acessories/replacement parts on offer.


This is a connector accessory (2 individual pieces) enabling you to link a glass mouthpiece directly to the balloon/preferred bag. This connector can accommodate a variety of bag sizes for solo or multiple use

Compatible with: Arizer XQ2 and the Extreme Q


x1 Authentic Arizer Balloon Connector Accessory Pack

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