Choice Leaf Rose Petal Pre-Rolled Cones 2g – 2 Pack


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Choice Leaf is an interesting brand, crafting rolling papers into cones using a variety of natural leaves/flower materials. Huh? They like to use unique alternatives to standard rolling papers, Goji Berry Leaves, Cordia Palm Leaves and Rose Petals. Each thick cone is 100% sustainable/biodegradable natural leaf and are individually handmade/hand-rolled, each contains zero glue or added flavours. You can expect a slow burn and a subtle earthy flavour. Each Choice Leaf pre-rolled cone comes with a corn husk filter, a superior form of filter. These corn husk filters are 100% natural, durable and reduces harshness.


These pre-rolled cones are made from rose petals, extra king in size. The filter is of the spiral variety, a specific shape that provides smoother draws. These are the larger cones on offer, each with a capacity to hold 2g of herbal material. There is also a 1g version available.  Each rose petal is cleaned thoroughly with distilled water to remove impurities. Next step is quality assurance  with 3 inspections occurring to provide the highest quality cones.


x2 Choice Leaf Rose Petal Pre-Rolled Cones – 2g capacity each


  • Vibrant Rose petal cones
  • Tobacco-free
  • Spiral filter for smooth draws
  • Biodegradable
  • Zero glue
  • No added flavour
  • Subtle earthy taste
  • Slow burning
  • 2g capacity


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